7 Lovely Ways to SurpRise Him and Keep the Spark Alive ...

By Renee

Sometimes the idea of finding a comfortable stiletto seems more probable than finding ways to surprise him. Yes, there is something about the joy of knowing each other, inside and out. And then there’s the monotony of knowing each other, inside and out. Try these simple ways to surprise him, and the surprise may end up being on you.

Table of contents:

  1. break out
  2. worth a thousand words
  3. the shirt off his back
  4. embraceable you
  5. hammock factor
  6. empty nest syndrome
  7. trinket power

1 Break out

In our teens, there was nothing appealing about a Rudolph-red blemish the day before the big dance. But now, a "break out" can be the best way to find yourself dancing on Cloud Nine, and one of the best ways to surprise him. Do you normally eat in front of the TV? I love to sit at my underused dining room table with (gasp) real linens napkins, even for a microwave meal. How about getting out the satin sheets in the middle of the week, as a bit of foreplay (or more)? Do you usually put on your sweats and slippers as soon as you cross the Welcome mat? How about keeping those heels on for a bit longer? And for equal time, putting out your favorite pair of his boxer briefs for him to slip into as the evening’s appetizer?

2 Worth a Thousand Words

While a picture can be priceless, a touch can be limitless. I can’t imagine many things more pleasurable than a good back scratch, slow, firm, sensual. How about a caress from the crease in his elbow to the pulse point of his wrist? Threading your fingers through his, and slowly dragging them back and forth? Show him how you feel about him through the tips of your fingers, and the look on his face will be priceless.

3 The Shirt off His Back

You know the old ragged t-shirt of his? The one that saw better days in his younger days? The one you’ve been begging him to throw away every time it hits the laundry hamper (or at least the vicinity of the laundry hamper?) Why not saunter downstairs in nothing but his un-holy mess of a shirt, and wait for reaction? You’ll both look at his wardrobe with new eyes.

4 Embraceable You

Would you prefer to be in separate zip codes in bed when you sleep at night, while your dude is a cuddler? It happens more often than you might think. How about surprising him by turning the bed down and the a/c up, slipping into something slinky, and sliding over to your hunk of burning love for the night? Caution should be taken: it could be addictive.

5 Hammock Factor

I find sometimes the best way to move ahead in a relationship is to go back in time. Simplify, slow down, and swing. You can’t run and you can’t hide in a hammock. But you can laugh at the ineptitude most of us have while maneuvering our way into one, and you can curl up together like two butterflies in a cocoon.

6 Empty Nest Syndrome

Even if your nest overfloweth, for one night send the kids to the neighbors with your blessing, or send the roommates to the movies with your credit card. Having some alone time to reconnect to Home Sweet Home together may be just what the doctor ordered.

7 Trinket Power

Is your guy a fisherman? A bibliophile? A chocoholic? Leaving a unique treat for him on his bedside table, his dashboard, or desk will say to him that you think of him even when he’s not mowing the lawn or laughing at your jokes.

Thinking of ways to surprise him can be a sumptuous as your last real date out together, without the calories. When was the last time you surprised your sweetheart?

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