7 Fantastic Ways to Show Your Support to Your Spouse ...


7 Fantastic Ways to Show Your Support to Your Spouse ...
7 Fantastic Ways to Show Your Support to Your Spouse ...

He's your better half, your shoulder to lean on, your cheerleader, your confidant, your best friend; it's only natural that you would want to repay all the wonderful things that he does for you with some powerful ways to show your support to your spouse. You've heard of the old saying, "Behind every great man is a great woman," right? Well, that saying exists for a reason; because it's true. Want to find out how you can be his coach and do the same wonderful things that he does for you? Try out these ways to show your support to your spouse; believe me, he'll thank you.

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Listen to Him

One of the greatest ways to show your support to your spouse is by listening to him. Men don't often open up. Maybe it's because they don't want to show their sensitive side or that they are actually worried about things. Maybe it's because they just don't think they are actually heard or that their problems aren't very important. Show him that you care and that his thoughts and concerns do matter by lending a listening ear. And don't start offering advice right away (us women have a tendency to do that), but let him just talk and get his thoughts and feelings out there. Only offer your advice if he seeks it.


Tell Him You're Proud

You love that he pretends he's a super hero for your kids (and he really is a real-life super hero!). You adore how he washes the dishes and folds the laundry. You admire that he has achieved so much at work. Let him know how proud you are of him by telling him every once in a while. You don't have to rent a skywriter - though that would sure impress him; just simply telling him that you're proud of him will let him know you support him.


Ask Him What's up

Between taking care of the kids, the house, work and everything else in life, your husband's needs and thoughts may go by the wayside. Don't forget to ask him what's going on with him once in a while.


Think of Him

Of course, you think about your husband all the time, but he doesn't know that. Let him know that he is on your mind. Send him a quick text, an email, or leave a post-it note in his lunch that says "Thinking of you," "Miss you" or "I love you." It's super simple, but it may be just what he needs to get him through the day.


Give Him a Gift

You love it when he brings you flowers, so how about giving him a small token of your appreciation? You don't have to do anything big; a candy bar, his favorite donuts, a new shirt or a new DVD is just the ticket that will let your husband know that you are thinking of him.


Let Him out

Not that he's a caged animal or anything, but just like you need some time off, so does your husband. So, encourage him to play a game of golf, go grab some beers with the guys or catch the game a few times a month. Heck, if you arrange for a babysitter, the two of you can get out together and enjoy some time revisiting one another.


Tell Him You Love Him

You know you love him; HE knows you love him - but when is the last time you said it? It can get very easy to get caught up in your daily hub bub and you can sometimes forget to say those three little words that mean more than anything in the world. Tell your husband you love him each and every day; it will do wonders for his self esteem and it will let him know you are always supporting him.

I am truly lucky enough to be married to my best friend, whom I appreciate more than he could ever know. However, these are some of the ways that I do show him that I am his biggest supporter. How about you? What do you do to support your spouse?

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Well I guess I\'m doing the right things then

Everyday I say I lv u and sometimes I tell him how proud of him I m and when I go somewhere I always bring home he\'s favorite desert.

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