Male Physical Features Women Cant Resist ...

By Sici

Male  Physical Features  Women  Cant  Resist  ...

There are several male physical features that women can’t resist. If you are the kind of girl who has been boy crazy from day one, then it might be safe to say that you love everything about the male physical form! From a strong jaw to a defined torso to a bulging bicep, it’s impossible to pick one feature that you love more than the others, and it’s even better when all of those are combined into one perfect looking chunk of hunk! Although you might think it’s strictly a matter of personal preference, science does actually tell us that there are certain elements of a man that straight women are more prone to be drawn and attracted to. All in the name of science, of course, let’s talk a little more about the male physical features that women can’t resist.

1 Stubble

This is one of the top male physical features that women can’t resist. Whilst a full beard might be an acquired taste, the presence of stubble on a man’s face has been proven to be able to drive women wild! There is something effortlessly masculine about heavy stubble, and it also goes along with that slightly unkempt, almost dangerous vibe that we find so sexy in celebrities and hotties on the street alike! Get your man to ditch his razor for a little while so you can enjoy the difference!

2 Good Posture

A man with great posture is always going to have more success with the ladies than one who doesn’t know how to carry himself properly. Standing up straight and accentuating that height difference between himself and a woman is one way to make her go gooey around him. The better the posture, the more a woman will feel safe and secure in his presence, and confidence in body language is irresistible!

3 Serious Face

For some reason, scientific research has shown us that women feel a much stronger attraction to a guy who puts on a more serious, stern, straight face than a traditional smile. We think it harkens back to the theory that deep down inside we are all looking for that brooding bad boy to fulfill all of our fantasies. Of course, a smile at the right time can be comforting, but when it comes to straight up attraction, sexy resting face definitely wins out!

4 Muscles

Not only do muscles look attractive from an aesthetic point of view, but they also speak to something deep down inside of us that tells we need to find a partner who will be able to protect us in times of danger. If a guy is rocking a solid six pack and a striking pair of guns, then you know that he will give any potential threat a run for its money!

5 Sense of Humour

We all choose our best friends because they are the people who can make us laugh more than anyone else, so it makes sense that you will be attracted by a similar kind of vibe in a potential love interest. If a guy can’t make you laugh, then you aren’t going to be able to sustain a relationship, and that’s why a sense of humour is so attractive!

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