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What Attracts Men the Most ?

By Deeksha

Have you ever wondered what attracts men the most? All women do. There are a lot of magazines and blogs dedicated to the topic. But no one will tell you these little secrets that make all the difference. Here's a list of the top 10 answers for what attracts men the most.

1 Wearing Red

red, fashion model, lady, dress, fashion, If you have a date scheduled in near future, try wearing a red dress. Studies have shown that men are attracted to a woman in a red dress the most. Also, being the fiery and bold color in the palette it portrays you as a confident and well-established woman who knows her way with things. If you can't get your hands on a red dress, try wearing a red lipstick and a complimentary outfit. Red is one of the top answers for what attracts men the most.

2 Compliments

human hair color, girl, nose, beauty, cheek, Men admire women who do not shy away from complimenting them. Compliments make anyone feel good and that's the case with men. If you want to win his heart, compliment his clothes, say a simple 'thank you' for a ride back home or for dinner. It makes a man feel more inclined toward you as he perceives it as an act of respect. If you go out for dinner, take it up a notch and ask him to split the bill.

3 Do Not Show up Late

, Making someone wait is never a good habit. Men find this habit highly unattractive even though they know women take a lot of time to get ready. It makes men feel that you don't value their time and don't appreciate him.

4 Be Driven by Passion

mouth, girl, long hair, neck, smile, It has to be a very crucial factor on this list. What makes a woman look most confident and attractive is ambition. If you have a passion, let it drive you. Do not compromise on your personal goals to make a relationship work. But also do not be so ambitious that you leave your relationships far behind. Maintain a healthy balance between both.

5 Know Your Limits

black and white, room, photography, snapshot, monochrome photography, It's all fun to be the girl who knows how to party but avoid drinking too much when you are with him. Men do not like to babysit women after they get drunk enough that they cannot even handle themselves. Also, it translates to being a woman who is messy and not ready for a stable relationship. Men like women who know their limits and are aware of the consequences.

6 Learn to Apologize and Request

, This could be hard to do for most people. Saying 'sorry' or 'please' is something that we associate with our self-respect. If you genuinely like a guy, never hesitate to say this. This is an attractive trait and men appreciate women who accept their mistakes and do not always impose their faults upon them.

7 Be a Good Listener

human hair color, blond, girl, long hair, drink, No matter how much information you have to share, sometimes sit back and listen to your man. It is not at all difficult to do. Men are usually bad at expressing their emotions and hardly talk about how their day was. Simple conversation starters include - 'how was your day' or 'how has work been.' You can go down for a stroll with him and ask him about his personal life. Take time with your questions; getting to know him can be exciting but maybe he isn't willing to share too much too soon. Patience is the key.

8 Support Him

human hair color, toddler, child, girl, Support is always welcomed in any form - you can support him in the form of motivation when he feels low or has had a hard week, or even cheer along with him for his favorite team. Men regard this as a pleasant gesture and this tells them that you would always be there for him in any situation.

9 Take the Lead

hair, human hair color, blond, beauty, shoulder, Men like it when women take control of things, but not too authoritatively. And they like it most in bed. Try showing him this authoritative side of you in the bedroom and you would notice the response. Put on a sexy lingerie and indulge in some really amazing lovemaking tonight.

10 Let Your Hair down

hair, black and white, hairstyle, monochrome photography, photography, As much as we love to experiment with hair colors and hairstyles, most men have a greater chance of falling for someone with long open hair. Though there is nothing wrong in growing your hair long for the man you love, but your choices and comfort should be placed first.

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