7 Memorable Quotes about Love and Relationships ...

This time of year, as Valentine's Day approaches, it's common for couples to be inspired by quotes about love and relationships. I know some view Valentine's Day as cheesy and commercialized, which it certainly can be however, it's also a day set aside to celebrate the most important thing on earth: love! Love comes in all forms and if you happen to be single on this special day, then take it as an opportunity to celebrate the love you share between your family and friends. After all, not all love is romantic love and most holidays are celebrated uniquely by each person anyway! Read below for some memorable quotes about love and relationships that are sure to stick with you.

1. Donald Miller

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This is one of those quotes about love and relationships that we need to hear constantly! Often times our expectations of people, especially significant others, can be distorted into an image of who we want them to be instead of who they really are. A distorted image leads to unrealistic expectations of perfection - a standard that no one can possibly live up to! It's freeing to know that once you let go of those expectations of others to be perfect, you can appreciate people for who they are in their uniqueness and even grow to like those "imperfections."

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