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Have you been looking for ways to attract more love into your life? Maybe you’re looking for romantic love or maybe it's just love in general. But, everyone needs it and everyone wants it. If you’ve been looking for ways to attract more love into your life then here are a few ways how!

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Give to Receive

One of the first ways to attract more love into your life is to definitely give it. Don’t expect to get anything if you’ve been taking love from other people like a love vampire. Make small but meaningful gestures to let the people you love know they matter. It’ll start your love karma off right.


To cultivate a generous spirit, consider volunteering your time to serve others or simply send thoughtful notes to friends. Kindness and generosity are like magnets for love; when you demonstrate these qualities, you often find them being reciprocated. Remember, every act of love, no matter how small, contributes to a larger culture of compassion and connectedness. By giving love freely without expecting a transactional return, you become a beacon of warmth that naturally draws others to you.


Put It out There

If you want more love in your life romantically (and who doesn’t?) then put yourself out there to find it. It may involve getting out of your comfort zone and doing things you never thought you’d do, like joining a local sports team, a cooking class (by yourself) or an organization you’re passionate about volunteering for. You never know what you’ll learn and whom you’ll meet. Either way, you’ll be sending out the message that you’re ready for love.


Get out of Town

Literally! I’ve always loved the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” and how the heroine leaves everything she knows behind and buys a villa in Tuscany. While this might not be completely realistic for all of us there’s no reason why you can’t book a trip by yourself and fall in love with a country and maybe even someone while you’re there.


Stop Being so Picky

The older we get, the pickier we become. While no one should ever settle, it might be time to re-evaluate what kind of love you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the kind of love that leaves you hot and bothered you’re probably looking for lust. But, if you’re looking for your ‘ever-after’ then it might be time to look at the real substance of the people you’re meeting. If they leave you feeling happy and secure in yourself every time you’re with them, maybe it’s time for lust to move over and real love to come in.


Love Your Family

While some of us have a wonderful family that we generally get along with, some of us have the opposite. We all know that you can’t change anyone but it might be time to accept that your family is who they are in order to receive the love you want from them. People have all different ways of showing their love. If you pay attention you’ll start seeing the way they give it and it’ll be easier to accept it from them.


Love the Planet

If you give back to help mother nature in your community she’ll certainly show you and the people around you love for years to come. Sometimes the most important love, like fresh water, clean air and healthy soil, can be taken for granted. Take some extra time to help heal the planet.


Love Your Friends

Show your friends you love them by being there for them. Offer to take or pick them up from the airport, or house sit for them while they’re away. Offer ways to make their lives a little easier when you can. We all lead very busy lives and helping out the friends that help you will not only make them feel loved, but they will feel compelled to give love back to you.

Attracting love into your life is a lot easier than you might think. It definitely takes love to receive it so remember that when you’re craving it. Who knows, maybe the person you really need to learn to love might even be yourself. Have you been attracting love into your life lately? Leave a comment and let us know!

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