Men Don't Care ⛔️ about These 7 Things 📝 in the Bedroom 🛏 ...


Women and men think very differently when it comes to what matters in the bedroom. It’s very likely that the things you’re worried about aren’t on his mind at all. This can be difficult to grasp. But once you realize these’re things men truly aren’t concerned about then you can relax and enjoy yourself much more.

1. If You’re Freshly Showered

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Of course there’s a line here. But if you haven’t had a shower yet today then your man probably isn’t going to feel there’s a reason not to enjoy intimacy. This can be very difficult for women as a shower beforehand is always preferred. If you always shower daily but just haven’t made it that far today then you’re probably good to go. You may not be as fresh as you prefer but it’s unlikely he minds.

If You Haven’t Shaved in a Few Days


Men do care
May b the authers man dont care , but oooo they do care about this things
How old am I?
Isabella Coles
I don't have a problem with any of these, although I find it really funny when we've both had a shower and suddenly it starts so it's like I should have waited lol!
peony blue
Who cares what they care about really!
I don't appreciate being lied too
@ DT yeah i agree with you to an extent....most men are very shallow....but men cheat whether you do these things or cheat for various reasons.
I always have those stubbly days with my man...its naturel....its not like men look 100% all the time either. You should obviously put in effort to look good for your man to. But hey everyone has their lazy days:)
This was very helpful to read :)
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