17 Things Men Will do ๐Ÿค” Only if They're Crazy ๐Ÿ™ƒ about You ๐Ÿ’˜ ...


How do you know if your manโ€™s crazy about you? Thereโ€™re certain things to watch for in your relationship and certain things he might do. If you see any of these then know that your man is crazy in love with you. Itโ€™s a beautiful thing to realize your relationship is amazing!

1. Hold Your Purse

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Letโ€™s face it. Holding your purse isnโ€™t on the list of things guys love to do. Yet theyโ€™ll do this gladly for a girl theyโ€™re crazy about. Whether youโ€™re trying clothes on or dashing to tell a friend something, if your guy does this for you then realize how much it truly means. Youโ€™ve found someone who thinks youโ€™re over-the-moon wonderful.

Shop for Tampons


My man just combined two of them. I got caught without a tampon at work. He bought some and brought them to me at work!! He's so sweet.
Brittany Baker
My husband does these too. He's amazing!
Getting the tampons, letting me watch a horrible B movie, holding my purse, he does all those things. But I think when a man truly loves you, there's nothing he won't do. Last night I puked all over h...
Yes I have a great bf. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I've never felt so taken care of.
Isabella Coles
My man does all of this except sometimes he picks me up from work (does that count?) - and I do the same things for him too :) he's actually my fiancรฉ, can't wait to get married!
My bf use to hold my purse everytime. Then he said it's too girly and enough with that joke, it hurt me so badly
peony blue
Awwww I agree with the defending thing. Holding your bag as well but I only invite a boyfriend toy workplace and if he turns up uninvited annoying but that has never happened so all good.
Sorry but buy tampons, I think there needs to be a little mystery in a relationship and this is one I think should remain so!
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