10 Traits You Have That Can Intimidate a Man ...


10 Traits You Have That Can Intimidate a Man ...
10 Traits You Have That Can Intimidate a Man ...

There are certain qualities that most of us have that can intimidate some men. However, they aren't negative qualities. They're actually positive qualities that cause men to love us as much as they do. Of course, when they love us, it's harder for them to gather the courage to talk to us, because they don't want to embarrass themselves. So if your crush hasn't been approaching you, even though it seems like he likes you, it might be because he's intimidated by these qualities:

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Independent Women

Independent Women Some men don't know how to handle an independent woman. They were used to opening jars, changing tires, and paying the bills for their exes, so when they end up dating an independent woman, they learn that everything they grew up believing was a lie. They're intimidated by independent women, because we don't need them. We only keep them around if we want them.


Many men are intimidated by independent women because they are used to being in control, and independent women don’t require them to be in control. Independent women are strong and self-sufficient, and they don’t need a man to pay their bills or open jars for them. They can take care of themselves and don’t rely on anyone else to do it for them.

Independent women are also confident and comfortable in their own skin. They know who they are and what they want, and they don’t need anyone else to tell them how to live their lives. They have a strong sense of self-worth and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Independent women are also often successful in their careers. They are ambitious and driven, and they don’t let anyone stand in their way. They are always striving for more and don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve.

Finally, independent women are independent thinkers. They don’t follow trends or the opinions of others, and they are not afraid to speak their minds. They are well-informed and educated, and they have their own opinions on a variety of topics.


Intelligent Women

Intelligent Women If you're super smart, he's going to have trouble finding something to talk to you about. He won't want to bring up a topic that he's clueless about, because he won't want you to think that he's dumb. Of course, he won't want to bring up something mindless either, because he'll assume that it's too dull for you to talk about. That's why he might psych himself out and avoid talking to you entirely.


Confident Women

Confident Women Confident women are sexy women, and sexy women are hard to talk to. He won't be able to walk up to you without having butterflies flutter around in his stomach. That's why he might keep his distance from you, even if he has a crush on you. He's trying to work up his own confidence, so that he can have a flirty conversation with you.


Social Women

Social Women If you have tons of friends, men might be intimidated by you. After all, it means that there are plenty of people who are happy to have you in their life. With that many people around you, why would you want to spend time with him? That's his main worry, which is why he might be too scared to ever approach you.


Blunt Women

Blunt Women Men go on and on about wanting their girlfriends to be honest, but when they find a blunt woman, it can throw them off. After all, they're not used to getting talked back to and receiving honest opinions. That's why they can be intimidated by women who aren't afraid to speak their minds.


Unique Women

hair, human hair color, human action, blond, face, Some men assume that all of us women act the same. Of course, we all have different likes and hobbies. When they stumble across a woman unlike one they've ever met before, they're going to be intimidated, because they won't know how to get her attention.


Many women embody traits and characteristics that defy the typical stereotypes men may hold. It's the unexpected depth, the boldness in voicing opinions, and the confidence in standing out rather than fitting in that can truly unsettle some men. They find themselves on unfamiliar terrain, realizing that their usual charm might not work. This diversity in women's personalities isn't just refreshing; it's a reminder that intrigue doesn't conform to a single archetype. Each woman's unique essence is her strength, and that individuality can be the most intimidating trait of all.


Attractive Women

Attractive Women Isn't it nerve-wracking to walk up to the hottest guy in school? Well, men feel the same way. When a woman is super attractive, he'll have a hard time starting a conversation with her. She intimidates him, so he doesn't want to do or say the wrong thing.


Her Job

black, white, black and white, photograph, person, Yes, there are absolutely men out there threatened by a woman's career choice. Whether it's feeling inferior because of her power, her position, or even his own career path when compared to hers, some men can't handle a woman in a well-respected career.


Her PerfectionisT Nature

human action, person, mouth, disco, nightclub, Sure while being a perfectionist is totally great in some aspects of life, a relationship is not one of them. A man could feel a woman's perfectionist nature is always criticizing him, or he could feel he has super high expectations to live up to and always feeling like a failure which isn't healthy.


Her Work Schedule

blond, person, screenshot, I'm, working!, Men love a woman with drive, and perseverance, and a go-getter attitude when it comes to work. Men do not like a woman who focuses all her time and energy on work and not him. Men need love and attention too so make sure work isn't your life.

These qualities aren't negative. They aren't something you should try to change. They're something you should be proud of! Do you possess any or all of these intimidating traits?

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Same, I have some of these traits so then I'm in the same boat as Thalia, we'll never land a guy lol But I also agree these things wouldn't intimidate REAL men

Well, i have all of them and I am married to a wonderful man who was patient enough to wait for me to learn to let him lead in certain social occasions.... It's all about moderation, I believe. :)

i have these traits, n i feel i need to get rid of them sometimes, cuz sadly im still single lol

Well, I have all of them and I have a lot of guy friends. :/

Notice the title said intimidating a man, not trying to get a man by intimidation. If you're intimidating, or not, I don't see how it hinder the chances of getting a guy, so nobody needs to stress.

I think these traits intimidate BOYS not men

Me too and single

Well. I don't know what to say (or be) after reading this article. I have a suggestion, just like we search for information on their favourite football/sports team, or pretend to know all about their dream car model, to feigning being knowledgeable about gadgets or other guy things, they can once in a while do that too for us.. It's difficult to find a middle way here .. Men don't like independent women, men also don't like women who are conscious of themselves or too shy. Men don't like dumb women, but then intelligent women can intimidate them. Men wouldn't want to date someone unattractive because they always want arm candy, but then they are intimidated by attractive women. I am super confused after reading this! (Haha)

So that's just about every woman then?

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