17 Big Turn Offs for Men You Might Not Have Known about ...


17 Big Turn Offs for Men You Might Not Have Known about ...
17 Big Turn Offs for Men You Might Not Have Known about ...

You know what can turn a man on, but do you know what will turn him off? Even though every guy is different, they can agree on a lot of things about women. Here are a few big turn offs for men you might not have known about:

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Jealousy Jealousy is flattering at first. However, if you're jealous of every woman he sees, he's going to start getting annoyed. He doesn't want to be accused of anything just for looking at a woman.


Trying Too Hard

Trying Too Hard He wants you to be yourself. He doesn't want you to act fake in order to impress him.


Flirting with Everyone

Flirting with Everyone Don't try to make him jealous, or show him how desirable you are, by flirting with tons of men. If you do that, he'll never trust you to remain loyal to him.


Low Self-esteem

Low Self-esteem Confidence is sexy. If you have super low self-esteem, then he's going to wonder why you don't see how amazing you are.


Being Bossy

Being Bossy You're allowed to take charge. But if you always order him around, and never let him make his own decisions, he'll run away fast.


Texting Him Constantly

Texting Him Constantly He doesn't want you to ignore his texts, but he doesn't want to receive a new message from you every 30 seconds either. He needs room to breathe.


Paying Too Much Attention to Your Phone

Paying Too Much Attention to Your Phone Don't phone snub him. If you're out on a date with him, you should be looking into his eyes, not at your phone screen.


Posting Sexy Pictures on Social Media

eyebrow, face, hair, cheek, nose, You're allowed to show off your body. However, if you post half-naked pictures on Instagram, he's going to get jealous. He doesn't want everyone to see your body the way he does.


Bad Spelling

Bad Spelling We're not the only ones who get annoyed by bad grammar. If you're always making mistakes in your text messages, he won't want to continue the conversation.


Constant Cursing

Constant Cursing We all curse. There's nothing wrong with it. However, you shouldn't use the F word in every other sentence. It sounds too crude.


Always Involved in Drama

Always Involved in Drama Men despise drama. If you're in a new fight every single day, he's going to get tired of your stories pretty quickly.



Cattiness If you insult every woman you see, he'll wonder why you're so rude. You should be encouraging fellow females, not criticizing them.



Negativity Don't assume that your day is going to go badly. Men want you to be positive, so start thinking optimistically.


Trying to Change Him

person, don't, like, change, don't, He wants you to like him for him. If you try to change the way he acts or the way he dresses, he'll wonder why you're even dating him in the first place.


Relying Too Much on Your Parents

Relying Too Much on Your Parents Your parents shouldn't be doing your laundry, making your meals, and picking out your clothes. You should take on some responsibilities of your own.


Refusing to Eat Junk Food

Refusing to Eat Junk Food Don't eat a salad at dinner, just so you can seem healthy. He wants you to order what you're craving.


Constant Crying

Constant Crying You should feel comfortable expressing your feelings to him. However, if you cry in front of him whenever you see him, he'll probably freak out.

You shouldn't change your personality to make a guy happy. You should just be aware that certain traits are less desirable than others. Are any of these things major turn offs for you?

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Same with what turns off women. Smh. It's the 21st century cmon.

Cursing is fun though, it makes sentences more interesting.

Can I just take a moment girls and guys do all the these things! Posts like this are so derogatory because it makes girls so on edge they constantly worry about trying not to do these things that they can't even be themselves! Women act like how they act and the guy that is their boyfriend and or crush shouldn't care if they do any or all these things! If they truly care the positive outlooks the negative! Ladies here's a true post be yourself and if he doesn't make you happy drop him! 💕

No.9 I dont think so he could b such a good person a bad spelling doesnt have to do anything with ones personality.

If only I actually cared about what a man thinks about me...

Just being your true authentic self is enough, love all the comments

Haha who gives a shit what men think be your self that's all there is to it!

Okay so I actually like salad. So when I go on a date I'll be like "I'm not eating salad to seem healthy. I actually just happen to like salad".

Hey any sexy bomb

We're all human we can't be perfect 100% of the time

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