Date a Man Who Does These 17 Respectful Things ...


Date a Man Who Does These 17 Respectful Things ...
Date a Man Who Does These 17 Respectful Things ...

You deserve to date a gentleman. If a man act disrespectfully, then you should show him the door. Meanwhile, if he does the following respectful things, you should never let him go:

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He Makes Sure You Get Home Safe

He Makes Sure You Get Home Safe He'll either drive you home or walk you home. If he's unable to do those things, he'll send you a text to make sure you got home safely.


He will respect your boundaries and not pressure you into anything you are not comfortable with. He will also take your safety seriously and make sure you get home safe. He will either drive you home, walk you home, or send you a text to check up on you. He will also make sure you are not alone in potentially dangerous situations. He will be understanding of your needs and respect your time and commitments. He will also be supportive of your goals and ambitions and encourage you to pursue your dreams. He will be there for you in tough times and stand by your side. He will be a good listener and be open to your ideas and opinions.


He Actually Listens

He Actually Listens When you speak, he should actually listen to your words. Nodding his head along while scrolling through his phone isn't going to cut it.


A true partner engages with what you're saying, asking relevant questions and offering input that shows he's genuinely interested in your thoughts and feelings. If he remembers the little details you mentioned casually in conversation and brings them up later, it's a sign he values your words. This level of engagement creates a deep connection, proving he respects your voice and cherishes communication as the heart of your relationship.


He Offers to Pay

He Offers to Pay He doesn't have to pay for every meal, because you can afford to cover the tab. Of course, he should always make the offer.


This text is referring to the importance of a man offering to pay for meals when out on a date with a woman. This is an important sign of respect and consideration, as it shows that the man is willing to take care of the woman and provide for her. In addition, it is important to note that the woman does not need to accept the offer of payment. Both partners should be comfortable with who is paying for what, but the offer should always be made. This is a key factor in a healthy and respectful relationship.


He Calls when He Says He Will

He Calls when He Says He Will If he tells you he's going to call, he actually calls. He never lies, even about the little things.


He Tells You He Loves You

He Tells You He Loves You If he loves you, he shouldn't hesitate to say the words. He should give you affection whenever he sees you.


He Doesn’t Talk down to You

He Doesn’t Talk down to You He shouldn't call you an idiot or act like you're inferior in any way. You two are equals.


He Gets to Know Your Parents

He Gets to Know Your Parents If he really likes you, he'll be happy to get to know your family and friends. It's important for him to get close to the people close to you.


He Gives Genuine Compliments

He Gives Genuine Compliments When he compliments you on your outfit, you can tell he really means it. He would never lie to you.


When a man gives genuine compliments, he is showing respect for the woman he is with. He is not just saying something to make her feel good; he is genuinely admiring her. He is not afraid to express his feelings and show his appreciation. This type of compliment is sincere and heartfelt. It shows that he values her and respects her. He is not afraid to make an effort to express his admiration in a meaningful way. This type of behavior is a sign of a man who values the woman in his life and is willing to go the extra mile to show her how much he cares.


He Doesn't Tell His Friends about Your Sex Life

He Doesn't Tell His Friends about Your Sex Life Your private life should stay private. Even though he wants to tell his buddies about how good you are in the bedroom, he keeps that information to himself.


He Holds Open Doors for You

He Holds Open Doors for You When you walk into a restaurant together, he should grab the door and hold it open for you. He should also pull out your chair and open your car door whenever he has the chance.


Shows up to Dates on Time

Shows up to Dates on Time If he tells you he'll meet you at 8, he'll show up at 8. He doesn't leave you waiting.


Being punctual is a sign of respect he consistently upholds. He values your time—understanding that it's just as valuable as his own. You won't find yourself checking your watch in frustration or sending a "where are you?" text because he'll already be there, ready to enjoy every moment with you. His timekeeping is just another way he demonstrates that he truly cares about you and the plans you make together.


He's Kind to Waiters

He's Kind to Waiters He doesn't act like he's better than the people serving him. In fact, he's just as sweet to your waiter as he is to you.


He Remembers Special Occasions

He Remembers Special Occasions He'll never let your anniversary or your birthday go by without buying you a gift. He remembers important dates.


He Walks Closest to the Curb

He Walks Closest to the Curb When you take a walk down the street, he walks closest to the curb, so you don't get hit by a car or splashed by a puddle. It's the gentlemanly thing to do.


He Gives You His Jacket

He Gives You His Jacket When you start shivering, he'll take off his jacket and offer it to you. He wants to make sure you're comfortable.


He Gives up His Seat for Old Ladies

He Gives up His Seat for Old Ladies If he's sitting on a crowded bus or a train, he'll give up his seat for an elderly woman or a pregnant woman. He puts others before himself.


He Says Please and Thank You

He Says Please and Thank You He has manners. That's why he always says please and thank you.

You don't want to settle for a disrespectful man. Does your man do all of these gentlemanly things?

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Agree with all except the pull chairs out and opens doors for you my boyfriend did it always and it actually annoyed me I'm capable of doing it myself even if he meals well lol I find it annoying

This sounds like an ideal man

These traits are rare and I'm so glad to say that my boyfriend has all of these characteristics☺️

He doesn't exit!

My husband use to do that stuff not anymore 😑😞

Yeah I agree with you @glq. :) These men exist but only rare.

Yo this isn't the 1950's, most of these things are very archaic. Walking closest to the curb? Always offering to pay? Always opening the door and pulling out your chair?

Basically date a man that wasn't raised by the wolves.

They are a diamond in a ruff

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