8 Misconceptions about Lesbian Relationships ...


Lesbian relationships are virtually no different than any other relationship in the world, but there are a lot of misconceptions about lesbian relationships. I'm here to clear up a lot of those misconceptions and to let you know that lesbian relationships are exactly the same as any other relationship out there!

1. All Butch

One of the biggest misconceptions about lesbian relationships is that all lesbians are actually butch. It's not true at all! There are lipstick lesbians out there and even just plain old girls that like other girls. Not all lesbians are butch and need to have a mullet haircut.

No Dreams of Weddings


I might be lesbian or not cause I'm just like 26 right now so I'm ok if I am.and one more thing when I was in college I kissed a girl but that was only once so that's why I think I might be lesbian but .
Heather Jensen
Hey Scared! I know it's really hard to come out and to even realize if you are gay. Truthfully, you might be having some feelings that you might not understand and that's normal! I'd say that when ...
Heather Jensen
Definitely Scared! See my response below. :)
Scared to come out of the box
@Heather, Can you help with "younger" cases? I'm the girl from the bottom. "scared to come out of the box"
Scared to come out of the box
Idk if I'm gay, straight, or bi... I'm just a normal middle school girl that's had 5 boyfriends and no girlfriends. I have some pretty and popular friends that I hang out with a lot. When were just al...
Idk I can but I try not
Hey Janessa! It just sounds like you are a little confused right now. Do you have really strong feelings for your friend? Could you imagine yourself doing things that you and your boyfriend do together? If not, it could have just been a fleeting moment. :)
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