Why Monogamy is Not Always the Best Option ...


Why Monogamy is Not Always the Best Option ...
Why Monogamy is Not Always the Best Option ...

Did you know that monogamy is not always the best option?
With divorce rates at an all-time high the question is always looming. We often, as humans compare ourselves to others that are close to us in relationship or age. Monogamy is the standard across the board and a safe option. As times change, we push the envelope on the normal relationship. Monogamy is not for everyone, nor should it be. Let us look at the pros and cons of the various relationship styles.

Monogamy offers the relationship a safe feeling with lack of scrutiny and judgment. The ability to get to know one person and share our lives with them allows for a developed trusted bond. Monogamy can lead to marriage, a stable home life for the kids, tax breaks (in marriage), and a lack of worry about STDs.

On the other hand, monogamy can be troublesome if attraction and desire are lost, and divorce can be costly. Monogamy requires a lot of time and work and is often why marriages fail. No one anticipates the work it takes. Falling in love is amazing, but finding reasons to love that person over and over is more amazing.

As years go by people change and often so do their priorities. When work becomes too difficult to put into a relationship it might not be a bad decision to have a casual relationship. Casual relationships, or friends with benefits, are a wonderful option. Casual relationships allow for the sexual urges to be satisfied, while not having to put near as much work into the relationship. The ability to sleep in your own bed by yourself when you want to is a bonus, as is having your own free space.

These relationships can be a bit tricky as one might develop stronger feelings. There's also a higher risk of STDs without protection, and a potential for the relationship to collapse. Jealousy can develop if one of the participants has multiple relationships, or is not available when needed. Polyamory is another solution.

Polyamory involves having a relationship with more than one party. Polyamory allows for a solid foundation of a relationship with the ability to invite multiple other partners in the relationship too. This allows for stability of a singular relationship with the ability to have variety as needed.

Polyamory can potentially be confusing as to the rules that are created by the parties involved. There can be jealousy issues that arise, and STDs could be a problem with lack of protection. Keeping up with a monogamous relationship could be tiring, but probably not near as tiring as the work that goes into a polyamory relationship.

Despite what path is chosen, no path is wrong. A relationship should fit your individual needs at the time that you need it, and should allow you to feel comfortable and secure. There should never be a feeling of being trapped in a relationship. A relationship will always be fun and work at the same time. The minute the relationship loses its fun and turns into hardship, it is time to take a hard look and make a decision. With changing times, it is time to change the culture and take care of ourselves. That's why monogamy is not always the best option.

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