Perfect Tips to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last ...

By Brook

Perfect Tips to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last ...

Are you looking for some tips to make your long distance relationship last? All relationships struggle at times, but when it comes to long distance, so many people give up way too easily. I know it’s so difficult to go that long without touching him or being close to him, but when you do finally see each other, it feels like the first time again and it’s so rewarding, it seems as if you can conquer anything together. To help keep your relationship thriving, I’ve listed a few of the tips to make your long distance relationship last that I have found most important.

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Trust is one of the biggest tips to make your long distance relationship last. Of course, this is the major aspect to keep any relationship alive. But of course, when you may be 500 miles apart from one another, this becomes so much more vital. It’s not only trusting he won’t go out cheating on you when he goes out with his friends; I mean yes that’s obviously important but many people forget about the little acts of trust you and your partner display. It could just be trusting that he’ll call you as soon as he gets out of work, he comes home when he tells you he’ll be home, or that he’ll really come visit as often as he says he will. Maintain this trust with your partner by keeping in contact, always being honest, and letting your partner know you appreciate his own trust and communication.


Make Time for Each Other

Especially if you’re both college students or have super busy lives, this one can seem impossible. Between the amount of homework and housekeeping you have to do every day, it can seem like you never have actual conversations with your partner anymore. Yes, he may be on the phone or on Facetime throughout your daily activities but is he just on the backburner? Is your main focus on what task you’re doing or what you need to sweep up next? Make a designated time for you and your partner to just give each other that undivided attention, tell each other about your days, spend quality time just talking. It doesn't have to be a long time, just a small amount every day and you will begin to feel that much more heard and connected.


Verbal Reassurance

Something many people lack when a long distance relationship begins is verbal reassurance. If you’re anything like me, after an argument, all you want is to be able to cuddle up next to your loved one and make up for everything that was just said. Physical touch is something many people depend on and how others may show their love. Unfortunately, there’s zero connection through touch when dealing with this distance so you and your partner should know other ways to express your love. It takes a while to create a habit of putting more emphasis on providing verbal reassurance of your love but it will so be worth it. Your partner will automatically feel more secure in the relationship and you’ll be happier knowing he feels that way.

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