The 3 Most Common Times of the Year Breakups Happen ...


The 3 Most Common Times  of the Year Breakups Happen ...
The 3 Most Common Times  of the Year Breakups Happen ...

What are the most common times of the year breakups happen? Get ready to find out. Breaking up sucks, and the suckiest part about it is that it can happen at any time of the year, regardless of upcoming special events, anniversaries, holidays or birthdays. Though every breakup is, of course, specific to each individual couple, there are definitely a few common threads that can be found in terms of common times of the year when the breakdown of relationships is much more frequent. Here are the three most common times of the year breakups happen.

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is absolutely one of the most common times of the year breakups happen. If one half of couple isn’t as into Valentine’s Day as the other, then there is a risk that they could break apart around this period. Not living up to romantic expectations can be a big factor in somebody dumping their partner, and equally, seeing so much romantic marketing around this time can also lead someone to realise that they don’t have the sort of feelings for their partner they are supposed to have. It can be a stressful and revealing time!


Spring Break

Spring Break is supposed to be a time when you can cut loose and go a little wild, and some people just don’t want the caveat of already being in a relationship over this period. Also, there is the factor of being a little too tipsy and doing something that you regret which then leads to a breakdown of your relationship. Spring Break is a time filled with potentially relationship ending activities, so it’s just up to you and how you want to behave!


Holiday Season

The end of the year feels completely different to the other months. A light and breezy summer romance is all well and good, but the pressure to be a little more serious and committed in the run up to Christmas can sometimes spell the end of a relationship. Some people just aren’t ready to get into the world of important gift buying and multiple trips to visit their partner’s family members, especially if they aren’t totally in love at that point! It’s quite common to cut losses before November if this is the case.

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Around Christmas a lot of people have broken up.

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