Body Language That Suggests All He Wants is Sex ...


A true gentleman is hard to find, especially when you're young. There are plenty of guys who seem like perfect mates, but that's only because they're pretending to be interested in you for your personality, when all they're really interested in sex. If your not sure where your man stands, here are a few body language signals that suggest he's only looking for sex:

1. He Looks at Your Cleavage, Not Your Eyes

When your man talks to you, does he look you in the eyes or is his glance a little further down? It's natural for straight boys to peek at your cleavage, but if your guy respects you, that won't be where he's looking for the whole night, especially when you're trying to tell him something important.

He Stares at Other Girls in Front of You


Haweee m
The problem is not that simple, he have fun wit them, wit different girl, spend d night out, without coming home, but pretend he has done nothing wrong.
Generally men stares at other girls because they like admiring them. It's a normal behaviour of any men even the one who love you to die for you. That's why he should low his gaze and you should help him by making yourself attractive to him.
Haweee m
How can I leave him, I love him so much, how about my 2 lovely daughters. I can't live without them. I always think he may change.
@haweee m You leave him. If he keeps staring at other women/girls, he clearly doesn't respect you, in my beliefs. And if he's had 'fun' with them, then that's even worse?
Haweee m
What if he is your husband. And u found that he always look at girls and had fun wit them, wat wil you do
ya i know these guys, very annoying!!!
Angela Lawrence
Lol it does because 90 percent of men ,does these things but I don't like its,guess that's why am single ,a totally turn off
Lol, it sounds like very normal men behavior, hahaha
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