Why Make-up Sex Beats Every Other Type of Sex ...


Make-up sex is in a category all on it’s own. It’s normal for a couple to have make-up sex after an argument. Most couples would agree that make-up sex has something extra special about it that their other times of being intimate don'tt have. Let’s talk about why that is.

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You’re Emotions Are Running High

After an argument, it’s typical for your emotions to be running high. That means that your attraction for each other is running high, too. You may notice how sexy your guy is in a whole new way as you’re making up. It’s almost as if your bodies crave make-up sex. It’s nice to experience positive emotions in place of the negative emotions you were feeling.


It’s Easy to Transfer Passion from the Issue You’ve Been Fighting over to Passion for Each Other

Arguments take passion. Your feelings are very strong about whatever issue you’ve been disagreeing over. Once you resolve the argument and reach a place of compromise, the passion can still be strong. It’s easy to transfer that passion to sexual desire. Your passion has to go somewhere; make-up sex is a great place for it to go.


It’s Unique in and of Itself

Make-up sex is unique. It usually isn’t like your usual sexual experiences. It can be easy for your sex life to fall into a rut. Make-up sex can break you out of that rut and spice things up. You may have an even stronger desire for one another than you usually do.


It Can Inspire You to Try Something Different

For some reason, it seems as if make-up sex can inspire you to try something different. You may want to try a different position. You might even want to switch up the location where you have sex. It’s great to embrace that sense of being adventurous together. Your relationship is sure to benefit from breaking out of the norm.


It’s a Way to Get Back on Track

Arguments are a normal part of being in a relationship; they just happen from time to time. But that doesn’t make them enjoyable. Make-up sex is a great way to get past the argument and get back on track as a couple. It’s as if you’re both saying that you’re ready to put the fight behind you and move forward. It’s actually a very healthy thing for your relationship to have make-up sex.


You Quickly Remember Why You Love Each Other

If you need a reminder of why you first fell in love, make-up sex can give that to you. In fact, you’ll probably feel a lot of the feelings you felt early on in your relationship when you have make-up sex. It’s wonderful to get to experience those feelings again. Arguments can make you feel distant from one another but they can also remind you to appreciate what you have in your relationship. Enjoy those feelings of gratitude for the special bond you have.


Make-up Sex is All about Reconnection

Most of all, make-up sex is about reconnection. After an argument where you’ve been hurt, it’s only natural to crave reconnecting with one another. Make-up sex is the perfect way to do that. You know that your relationship is back on the right footing. And after all, who doesn’t love to kiss and make-up?

These are 7 reasons why make-up sex is so amazing. What’re your thoughts on this subject? Do you have make-up sex after an argument?

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