This is How Being Fit Helps Your Sex Life ...


Regular exercise improves your life in so many ways. Not only does it keep your mind and body fit and healthy but it also has an impact on your sex life. And if your sex life is good but can be even better, just because you exercise, who is going to argue about that?

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It Can Help to Boost Your Sex Drive

For a woman, psychology has a lot to do with sex. If a woman feels confident in her body image, is un-stressed, or is having fairly good sexual experiences, she is going to invariably want sex more. The weird thing about sex is that the more you have it, then the more you want it. Being fit helps your sex life by allowing you to maintain an active sex life. If you are unfit, you cannot keep up the pace and will be forced to have less sex because you need longer to recover.


It Helps Make You More Flexible and Maneuverable

If you want to get fitter, then work out at least twice per week and eat a more varied diet. If you are the sort of person that has to eat larger portions, then look up ways to feel full to see if you can fill yourself up faster whilst eating less. Working on your weight and your physical fitness will help make you more flexible and maneuverable. The more flexible and maneuverable you become, then the more sexual positions there are for you to try. Usually, the problem isn’t getting into the position, but being able to move in the position when you are in it. If you work on your weight and physical fitness, you will improve your flexibility and your maneuverability.


It Improves Blood Flow to Your Private Parts

Your sexual organs are organs all the same, and a good blood flow will help them function a little biomechanically better. Your clitoris will swell a little more efficiently, and your erogenous zones will more easily become sensitive. Some say it is impossible to reach a g-spot vaginal orgasm without a good blood flow, but bear in mind, that is a factor that affects different women in different ways.


It Increases Your Level of Endurance

Good sex is often tiring and can be physically draining. Even gentle sex will become tiring after a while. Things such as keeping your legs in the air can become tiring, but you will be able to last a little longer if you are physically fit. If you are physically fit, then you are less likely to have excess weight on you, which will also help improve your sexual endurance.


It Will Help You Fight Stress and Relax a Little More

Exercise, proper diet and being physically fit are commonly said to help lower stress levels and help you relax. There are just as many studies supporting the notion as there are opposing it. Nevertheless, if it is true, then being physically fit will help your sex life because stress and anxiety are libido killers, and an inability to relax is an orgasm killer (at least for women anyway).


It Increases Your Confidence in the Bedroom

Sex is a big deal for a lot of different reasons, and the effect it has on people is massive. The assh*les, b*tches, and sadistic b*stards of this world have an issue with sex (or size) because sex has a massive impact on a person. If you are physically fit, then enduring sex is a little easier, as is reaching an orgasm. These factors may increase your confidence and make sex more enjoyable for all involved. Being physically fit doesn’t guarantee you will be confident in bed, but being unfit doesn’t help your confidence.


It Makes It a Little Easier to Reach Orgasm

For a woman, reaching an orgasm has far more to do with psychology than it does mechanics. When a woman is fit, confident, un-stressed and feeling healthy during sex, then she has far fewer barriers to her orgasm. For example, a barrier to an orgasm may be a poor self-image brought on by feeling fat or saggy. Another barrier may be a stressed attitude, which is often exacerbated by poor health.

It doesn’t automatically follow that if you are physically fit you will have an amazing sex life – there are too many other factors in play to make it a guarantee. But it’s a good cycle to get into ‘cos sex is great exercise, so if you’re already fit, sex is just going to be more fun and more rewarding to your health and well-being overall.

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In what gym does one wear bottoms like that to work out?

This article tells the truth but there is an 8th reason. If you are physically disabled, such as MS & other such diseases that affect the muscles, exercising will increase your ability to go longer as well as your ability to orgasm, which makes sex far more enjoyable. 😉😄

LOL was thinking that same thing ! (Kitty Eva)

But these r all true

That article picture...WHOO Thats awkard what the guy is doing with his hands

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