Natural Ways to Boost ⏫ Your Sex Drive πŸ™Š, for when You're Not "in the Mood" Too Often πŸ•° ...


When you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom, there are various things you can try. Firstly, let’s say you don’t have to consume a dozen raw oysters or a drink made from powdered rhino horn. Modern science has pretty much debunked all the old wives' tales and claims about things that have been used for centuries as aphrodisiacs – like, for example, Spanish Fly. The same modern science, however, has proved certain substances can boost your sex life and they’re included in this list alongside other natural ways.

1. Coffee

A cup of coffee can stimulate and help your sex drive in two ways: the first being that the caffeine content wakes you up and makes you more alert; and the second being that it increases the levels of dopamine within your body. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for managing and regulating the part of the brain that controls pleasure. Coffee has also been known to increase blood flow, which helps both men and women when it comes to achieving orgasm.



Sian B
@Taylor wow he sounds close minded. I would never be with a guy who doesnt like to try new things...but that is just me.
@Mel... Try some new things that might excite you. Toys, role play, different positions or even different sceneries (do it in different places besides the bedroom)
Another thing that increase sex drive is drink red wine and indulge in dark chocolate. Enjoy ;-)
The only thing on this list my guy would actually do is 7. Lol I don't even think my guy would drink coffee or do yoga if his life was on the line
What do you do when you're just bored with your partner? πŸ˜”
Mmm coffee and yoga!! Very beneficial... ;-)
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