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Brilliant Ways to Ramp up the Mood for Sex ...

By Sici

Don’t you agree that sex is always much better when you are in the right kind of mood? Sure, the actual physical steps can be taken pretty much anytime you and your partner both want it, but there is a definite difference between going through the motions for a little bit of pleasure and release, and achieving a state of real ecstasy because absolutely everything felt right in terms of atmosphere and vibe. Here are a few easy ways to ramp up the mood for sex.

1 Sensual Surroundings

Make sure that your bedroom is free from any sights that might dampen a turn on. You don’t want to have dirty laundry piled up in the corner, or a bunch of cups and plates lying all over the place; that’s not sexy! Make the effort to tidy up and make everything as clean and inviting as possible. New or fresh clean sheets are always a plus!

2 Tickle Senses

Don’t just be animalistic about it and try to jump right into the sex. Work on trying to stimulate all of the different senses with things like mood lighting, soft music, scented candles ... all of these little things will add up to really help set a sexy tone, and it will be much easier to transition into intimacy.

3 Sexting

Start proceedings even earlier in the day by sending your partner a few saucy and suggestive text messages, letting him know what you want do to him later on! This will help to build the sexual tension and anticipation between the two of you, almost shortcutting it so that by the time he gets through the door, he has already been thinking about your body for hours!

4 Lingerie

Sure, the ultimate goal in sex is to have all of your clothes off anyway, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort with your undergarments! There is nothing sexier than a set of lacy matching lingerie. It both boosts your own confidence and sends your partner wild with desire!

5 Laughter

Don’t take things too seriously if that is the kind of relationships dynamic that you have. Sex doesn’t always have to be smouldering and, it can also be really fun too. If your partner is intimidated by the supersensual side of sex, then go the other way and promote laughter and silliness instead.

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