9 Old Fashioned Date Ideas to Bring Back ...


If you're bored of going on the same kinds of dates over and over again, there are plenty of old fashioned date ideas you can employ. Why should you allow yourself to be bored when you can go on a brand new adventure? Here are some of the cutest old fashioned date ideas to go on:

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Drive-in Movies

Drive-in Movies There aren’t many drive-in theaters left, but they do exist. Look online for one that’s close to you. If you can’t find an official one, there are places that erect screens to play films, and allow you to park near them. Some colleges do this, so you might want to check out local university websites. Even though it may be hard to pull this off, going to a drive-in movie is one of the old fashioned date ideas that anyone would love.


Look at the Stars

Look at the Stars Don’t have anything planned, except to sit outside and look at the stars. Find a spot in town that isn’t littered with traffic lights, so that you’re able to get a clear view of the night sky. You don’t want to miss the constellations, because there are man-made lights in your way. Once you find the perfect spot, you’re sure to have a romantic night.


Old Fashioned Diner

Old Fashioned Diner You don't have to dress like you're in the '50s, but you can go to a diner and pretend you're in that decade. There are plenty of themed restaurants around. You just have to look for them. Once you do, you'll get to enjoy the sound of the jukebox and the feeling of the past.


Roller Rink

Roller Rink Instead of going ice skating, go to a roller rink. Even if you don't know how to roller skate, you can learn how with your partner. Hopefully, he'll be a better skater than you, so that he can help keep you upright.


Go Dancing

Go Dancing Don’t go out to a nightclub to grind on each other. Instead, find a place where you can slow dance. If you don’t want to leave the house, put on some nice, soft music and dance in your bedroom. You don’t have to be professional dancers in order to have a nice night. If you love each other, you’ll have fun, even if he steps on your feet.


Bike Rides

Bike Rides Even if you have a license, you can still break out your old bike. You two can ride down to a park or simply ride around the block. Either way, you’re spending quality time together. There’s nothing wrong with getting exercise while on a date.


Carriage Rides

Carriage Rides Find a place to take a carriage ride. It'll feel like you're actually in the olden days. As long as the carriages are running, you don't have to worry about the weather. If it starts to snow, the scenery will look even more romantic.



Picnics Instead of warming up Ramen or heading to McDonald's, make some sandwiches and put them in a cooler. Find a nice spot to spread out a blanket, and enjoy the nature around you. Turn off your cell phones, because this is a romantic date that shouldn’t be interrupted.



Arcade You loved playing games as a kid, and you love playing them now. Even if it seems childish, you should go to an arcade to play your favorite games. Challenge your partner by placing a bet over who is going to win. The winner picks where you eat afterward.

Don't go on the same dates over and over again when there are so many possibilities out there. Do you have any more ideas for old fashioned dates?

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i especially love the drive in and themed diners. i may give the rest a try one day.

Mmmmm..... Wish we could do some of those in my country.....

Aye, get it Beyoncé!

What are drive in movies like ?

Old fashions the way to go

Love it ❤️ old fashion, can't top that

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