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11 Perfect Date Ideas for Students Who Have a Budget to Stick to ...

By Katherine

Finding date ideas can be difficult but it can be even more difficult to find date ideas for students who have to stick to a budget. If you're in school, then two things are automatically known about you: one. you're broke and two, you're dating. So having a list of date ideas for students will help you save money, but still treat your other half to a nice, relaxing and fun date.

Table of contents:

  1. Date night at home
  2. Ride bikes around town
  3. Play putt-putt!
  4. Beach date!
  5. Visit your local museum
  6. Go on a picnic
  7. Go to a show and support a local band
  8. Bonfire with marshmallows
  9. Teach your significant other how to do something
  10. Go for a drive
  11. Learn something new together

1 Date Night at Home

The classic date night that is so easy to do, and cheap, too! You rent a movie, buy some popcorn, maybe a bottle of wine, and snuggle under a blanket together. Nothing sounds better than that! I can't even tell you how many times I have done this as a date and it works every time. Just don’t fight over what movie you watch, and this could become your favorite of all the date ideas for students.

2 Ride Bikes around Town

If you live in a great bike community, then why not have a bicycle date? You don’t have to buy anything, if you already own a bike, so it's budget-friendly, too. Just ride around town, look at the sites, and maybe even take a camera to take some neat photos. The best thing about this date is you even get to put in a workout for those sexy legs!

3 Play Putt-putt!

Putt-putt is one of those funny, easy and non-expensive games! The best thing is all putt-putt places have a theme so you can choose what type of theme you want to go play! So jump in the car and go play a round or two. You don't have to be a professional golfer to know how to play. Just need to know how to have fun!

4 Beach Date!

I LOVE beach dates! I live thirty minutes away from the beach, so I can easily go anytime I want. So grab some towels, sunscreen, drinks and snacks and take your date to the beach. You get to spend a relaxing day at the beach! Plus it gives you a chance to take a peek at your significant other in a swim suit! A lovely view!

5 Visit Your Local Museum

If you like history, art, science or anything that the museum is showing, then why not spend the day at the museum? A majority of the museums are cheap, if not free, to go to. So pick a museum display that you both would like to see, and go. You get to spend the day learning about something that interests both of you. It can later make great conversation over dinner.

6 Go on a Picnic

Fill a basket with some wine, cheese, crackers and maybe even some sandwiches, and head out to the park. Bring a blanket and maybe even a book to read. Going on a picnic is a great idea for a date. You get to go to the park and spend some time out in nature, while also spending time with your honey! Everyone enjoys picnics, so you can’t go wrong with this date idea! Just make sure it isn’t 100 degrees outside when you plan the date!

7 Go to a Show and Support a Local Band

I happened to do this the other day and I had so much fun on my date! I went downtown and watched a local band play. It was a block party where the band played on a balcony and everyone watched from the sidewalk. There were fire breathers and a trumpet player who joined in with the band while they played. The date was such a blast and I can’t wait to do it again!

8 Bonfire with Marshmallows

If it’s cold outside, then why not heat things up with a bonfire? Put some chairs or some comfortable blankets on the ground and relax by the bonfire. It will keep both of you warm, not to mention close to each other. Bring some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate to make s’mores. Afterwards you can lie back and look at the stars.

9 Teach Your Significant Other How to do Something

You may be able to do something that your significant other doesn't. It can be something easy, or maybe a little difficult, but if they want to learn then who is a better teacher than you? They might be interested in learning to play the guitar, cook, mountain climb or learn another language. If they express desire to learn, then express a desire to teach them. Not only will they be very grateful, but that special glow you have will only grow in their eyes!

10 Go for a Drive

Just losing oneself while driving is very relaxing so why not do it for a date? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just pile in the car, and play some tunes while driving. You can choose to just sit and listen to music while holding hands. Or ask each other some questions to get to know one another better. At the end of the drive, you’ll either know you can live with your significant other's music selection (or not) and maybe learn a little bit more about them.

11 Learn Something New Together

Learning a new activity together can not only be inexpensive, but it can also bring you two together closer. The activity can be anything that piques both of your interests, just be sure you both agree to the activity. Taking an art class together, or a cooking class, or go hiking or maybe even try kayaking.

All of these date ideas for students are inexpensive and a great deal of fun. Hopefully you will be able to pick out a date idea that would fit something you and your signifiant other would like to do. What do you think of these date ideas? Do you know other fun ideas to try?

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