7 Awesome Ways to Date Your Husband ...


7 Awesome Ways to Date Your Husband ...
7 Awesome Ways to Date Your Husband ...

Whether you’re a newlywed or a veteran wife, we are always on a mission to keep things fresh in our marriage, so it’s important to find new ways to date your husband. Just because the courting days are over doesn’t mean that you have to stop dating. Being married makes dating that much more fun and interesting because as the relationship blossoms, we have to keep that fire burning by making time for each other. Schedule date night just as you would any other appointment or task - this is a priority that is just as vital as eating 3 meals a day. Being happy together makes married life easier. Here are just a few ideas on ways to date your husband.

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Be Affectionate

Actually going out on a date is one of the most obvious ways to date your husband, but it is also important to show your love through affection. Maybe getting a date night in is difficult at times due to circumstances (kids, money, schedules), so send him a sweet little text or email just to say, "I Love You!" When you are together, hold his hand, give him sweet little kisses or play footsie. Find special ways to show your love in ways that he will appreciate. Men are physical beings that respond to touching and feeling as a form of affection. So show your man some love and rub his shoulders while he watches football. Those small gestures will be noticed and will make him feel the love.


Take a Trip…down Memory Lane

Taking a weekend trip is also a great way to date the hubs, but memory lane is a great trip that should be taken often. Reminisce about the day he proposed, your wedding day or take it back even further to the first day you met! Thinking back on those eventful moments brings back all those feeling and emotions you felt and you can share them with each other. My husband and I were just recently discussing the night that he proposed and I had absolutely NO idea that he was nervous before he popped the question! Taking a trip down memory lane is fun and refreshing for you both. Crack open those photo albums and take that trip.


Lunch Dates

Not all dates have to be the typical Saturday night event. Create a calendar even in his phone (scheduled during his lunch hour with and alert) titled "Lunch Date" with the location and meet up for a quick mid-day date. Breaking up the monotony of being surrounded by co-workers could be just what he needs to get through the rest of his work day.


Get Artsy

Getting creative together is a fun way to date the hubs. Here lately there are tons of those art and wine venues popping up everywhere. You bring your favorite bottle of wine, the studio supplies the canvas, brushes, paint and an art lesson for around $25 per person. My husband is an artist and me, well I love a nice glass of Shiraz, so this is a win-win for us! Oh and you get to take your art home with you, which also makes for a nice trip down memory lane!


Spice It up

Be a couple of culinary cuties and take a cooking class together. Maybe one or both of you are foodies, maybe someone needs a bit of culinary guidance. Well a cooking class will get your taste buds going while you get to bond with your man. Maybe you two can create some new food faves together!


Wine, Wine, and More Wine

Did I mention that I like wine? Oh yeah, well vineyards are so romantic and guess what… there is always a wine tasting going on! Enjoy a glass… or two... of your favorite red or white while dining by candlelight and watching the sun set over the vineyard. Now it doesn’t get more romantic than that! While you are there be sure to stock up on your favorite bottles that are made fresh at the vineyard and every time you open one up you can take a little trip to where, you got it memory lane!


Stay Home

Kids are gone…check, that perfect fitting LBD…check, his favorite perfume…check, good food and wine…check, candlelight…check. All those add up to the perfect at home date. Get dressed for each other, cook a nice meal (maybe one that you picked up from cooking class), have a candlelit dinner together with no distractions. That means no phones, no kids, no TV, just each other, being together.

I hope that these are some fresh new dating ideas for you and your hubby! Which of these ideas have you tried already? Which of these are you going to put on your to-do list? Happy dating!

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