7 Positive βœ… Signs 🚦 He's Happy 😊 with You in Bed πŸ›Œ ...


For the majority of couples, sexual satisfaction and sexual compatibility is a really important part of their relationship. If you are happy with your boo’s performance in the sack, and he is happy with yours, then it cements a significant intimacy and connection between the two of you that keep a partnership strong and together. But what if you are having your doubts that he is actually enjoying himself in that department? Here are seven signs that he's happy with you in bed.

1. PDA

He can’t keep his hands off you, and that includes when you are out in public! If he tends to go overboard when it comes to engaging in public displays of affection, it’s more than likely that he is just remembering how much your blew his mind that last time you were in bed together!



Mary Galvan
i always thought i liked cuddling. But my boyfriend LOVES to cuddle. i’m just like ok go to the other side of the bed so i can sleep comfortably. Don’t get me wrong i still have to be touching him. it’s just that i like to sleep a certain way.
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