Pro Tips to Win Back Your Ex ...

By Sici

Pro Tips to Win Back Your Ex ...

Breakups. We’ve all had them, we all hate them, but what about when you regret them? Are you currently finding yourself in a situation where you think you cut the cord on a relationship too early, and you think that you still might have strong feelings for your ex? Most people would probably tell you to just move on and forget about him, but what if he is your one true love and you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life!? Fear not, I have some suggestions! Here is how to win back your ex.

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1 Understand the Breakup

The first thing you need to do is come to terms with and understand the nature of the breakup. If you want to start fixing things, you need to be able to approach your ex with an understanding of what you need to adjust. Make sure you know what you did wrong or where it went wrong so that you can show them you are willing to change.

2 Remember Who Started It

Make sure that you know who it was who started the breakup process to begin with, because it makes a huge difference to how you approach putting things back together. Trying to get back together when you were the one dumping compared to being the one who was dumped is a totally different situation.

3 Understand Emotions

Take some time to make sure that you are aware of and understand all of the different emotions you are feeling. It’s important to differentiate anger from jealousy, and guilt from embarrassment ... all those little things that you need to iron out in order to put the best case forward for your ex taking you back!

4 Avoid Contact

It might be hard when you want to get back together straight away, but you should give your ex some time on their own to unpack their own feelings. Avoid contact for at least a few weeks, and hopefully they will start to miss you which will make getting back in touch a much more appreciated experience.

5 Self-Esteem

Take some time to work on your own self esteem before you set about trying to win an ex back. You might want them back, but you need to be in the right head space to make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of. Equally, if they can see that you are in a good and confident place, that is attractive!

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