12 Things You Want to do after a Bad Break up but Shouldn't ...


12 Things You Want to do after a Bad Break up but Shouldn't ...
12 Things You Want to do after a Bad Break up but Shouldn't ...

Let’s face it. After a really bad break up your judgment is not exactly the best. You experience intense feelings that sometimes intervene and fog your mind driving you to make questionable decisions. And some of those decisions can get you in real trouble so think twice before you give in to your urges.

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Scream the World down

The only thing you will succeed with screaming is losing your voice, getting a sore throat, and lots and lots of complaints from your neighbors. And if this urge catches you off guard in the middle of the night you might find the police at your door.


Spill All His Secrets to Everyone You Know

A real lady doesn’t kiss and tell or gossip on their partners, current or exes. If you had a long time relationship it is possible that at some point he did share some secrets of his life. The fact that you broke up doesn’t mean that you can go around sharing those secrets with other people.


Dump the Things He Left in Your House at the Street

The urgency to dump every small thing he left in your house at the street will probably be there. But come on, rise above. Pack them up and sent them back to him. That way you won’t have to see him.


Damage His Car

Men are usually very attached to their car. And the news frequently has stories about some woman that slashed the tires or keyed the shiny paint job. This will not only get you in trouble with him but there is a good chance of being arrested and end up with a lawsuit. Not the best way to live your next months.


Shame Him in Public

Making sure everyone around hears how much he hurt you or what he did and you broke up might sound like a good idea at the time when you feel angry and sad. But are you sure this will make you feel better afterward? You will probably regret it and feel even worse. Besides the reasons you broke up and everything that happened between you two is not something you should share.


Tear up All Photographs of Him

Getting rid of everything that reminds you of him can feel very good at the time. Cleansing even, however the relationship ended, it is a part of your history. A small time in your past. Maybe at some point you might want to take a small trip down memory lane and you won’t have anything from that time.


Burn His Gifts

There is a chance he had gifted you with some things over the time you were together and it is only natural that you might not want those around any more because they remind you of him. Burning his gifts or throwing them in the trash is not a good idea. Want to get rid of them, then donate them. Allow this sad part of your life to bring joy to someone else.


Sleep with His Best Friend for Revenge

This is never a good idea. It is just bad behavior. Your relationship has ended, there is no reason to ruin every other relationship he has in his life. You might have the urge to hurt him by sleeping with his best friend but think about it twice. This will achieve nothing.


Beg Him to Give You a Chance

If he was the one that broke up with you, it is only rational that you feel hurt and betrayed. But don’t beg him to give you a chance. You have a pride after all. There might come a time that both of you might want to give a second chance to your relationship, but until that time comes, begging and crying for him to give you a chance is not the best idea. It will only help to get you even more frustrated.


Eat Everything in Site

Many people cope with sadness with eating. After you come out of a bad relationship there are three ways that are related to food that you can go. Either you stop eating entirely, you keep eating with the same rate that you did before, or you eat everything in sight, not caring about what happens to your body. But besides the obvious weight gain, this can also be dangerous to your health.


Get Drunk for Weeks

When you are hurt and sad, forgetting about it is tempting. Alcohol is one way this can happen but it’s not going to help. On top of all the hurt and sadness, you will also have to deal with the hangover. Also, there is a chance that alcohol will not make you forget, but magnify your pain. And after all, alcohol is never a good solution.


Stalk Him on Social Media

It doesn’t help anyone and it keeps you chained to the past. By the time you break up there is no point to start stalking him and get even more frustrated that you are no longer together. Unfollow him and move on.

The break up of a relationship is rarely a painless situation. After the first sadness and pain go away, revenge might cross your mind. And when that happens, you don’t see things clearly. Your plans for revenge will either get you in trouble or you will only succeed in hurting yourself. Deal with the pain and wait for it to pass. Time will make you feel better.

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