8 Signs You're Ready to Move in Together ...


8 Signs You're Ready to Move in Together ...
8 Signs You're Ready to Move in Together ...

If you’ve been with your boyfriend for a while, you may be looking for signs you’re ready to move in together. This is a big step with a lot of things to consider. To help you make sure, here are eight signs you’re ready to move in together.

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You Have Your Own Life

This is not just one of the major signs you’re ready to move in together, it’s one of the cardinal rules of relationships. It’s so important to have your own life. Don’t neglect your friends or hobbies completely for the sake of your partner. Sure, there will be some give and take, but always be true to the things that make you you. Keeping your own schedule and doing your own thing is key when it comes to living together. You’re going to want time apart at times, so having your own life will really be important.


You’re out of the Honeymoon Phase

Being out of the honeymoon phase is essential if you’re thinking of moving in together. The honeymoon phase doesn’t always have a specific time limit, but it’s usually anytime within the six months to one year mark of a relationship. During the honeymoon phase you’re still craving each other at all times. You still think your man is beyond perfection. You haven’t quite gotten to the point where you recognize a few of each other’s quirks in order to start accepting them. If you feel you’re still in the early part of your relationship – or the honeymoon phase – you may want to hold off on signing that lease together.


You’re Secure with Your Finances

Moving in together isn’t all peaches and cream. There will suddenly be a number of bills and expenses you’ll need to decide how to divide. This can put a strain on any relationship, let alone a romantic one. Make sure you have your finances in order, and don’t be afraid to have a serious talk with your beau about his finances to make sure he feels he’s also in a good place. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a signed arrangement with someone who suddenly can’t pay their share.


You’ve Spent Serious Time Together

Think this through logically: you will be spending a lot more time together. Right off the bat this sounds great, right? No more traveling to each other’s places, no more coordinating and planning in order to see each other. While that all sounds grand, remember that it means he will be around most of the time. Your place is now his place. If you have similar schedules, you will be home together a lot. Make sure you’ve spent some real time together, meaning more than two nights per week. It’s a good preview of how he is going to act once you’ve settled in to a shared space.


You’ve Cooked Together

When you live alone or with your friends, food is pretty easy. You can do your own thing, grab a pizza ... anything goes! You don’t really have to worry about people eating your grub, especially if you have the labeling system down with your roommates. When you’re living with your man, though, things are a little different. Most times you’ll cook and eat together. Cooking together is fun, romantic, and a good way to tell if you’ll get along in a domestic situation.

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You’ve Defined Your Relationship

Do not – I repeat do NOT – move in together if you have not yet defined your relationship! This is so important! You don’t want to cohabitate with someone who has a completely different idea of what your relationship is than you. Make sure you’re both in the relationship you want at the level you mutually feel it should be at this point. Don’t compare yourselves to other people, but do have a clear and determining conversation about your relationship status before sharing a place.


You’ve Discussed the Future

Some people feel moving in together is the last step before marriage. Others might think it’s a way to avoid marriage altogether. Still others feel it doesn’t denote whether you’ll marry or not, it’s just the right situation for your relationship. Make sure you discuss this with your man to make sure you’re both on the same page. If you’re gunning for a wedding ring and he’s not even thinking along those lines, you’re in for quite a misunderstanding that could botch your relationship.


You’re Excited

Moving in together is a big step, but it’s also an exciting one! If you have serious concerns about your relationship or if you feel you’re not ready to share your space, pay attention to these feelings! You don’t want to rush something like moving in together. If you’re genuinely excited and love the idea of learning how to live together – that means begging him to put the seat down, letting him see you without makeup, and a number of other lovely new experiences – then you may well be ready for this step.

Moving in with anyone is a big decision. Moving in with your partner brings a number of additional things to consider. Make sure you’ve done your due diligence and really determined if you and your boyfriend are both ready to move in together. Consider what it means for your relationship and how it can actually bring you much closer. Are you thinking of moving in with your partner? Or, if you already live together, what tips do you have for other readers thinking of making the move?

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most of the times when the man and woman moves in together they end up having a kid or kids then the idea of marriage flys out the man head. I pefer to move in when we are engaged!

Here's another thought: if there are pets involved! I would love to move in with my man but he has a cat who is a really jealous type (my cat has to go with me when i move out), and it's just impossible until one cat goes and one cat stays!

Number one should be you're married.

@Teri Fox i would have to disagree! You shouldn't marry someone if you're not even sure that you can live with them for the rest of your lives. But it's all up to personal preferences in the long run, I guess!

@Isabella Rossignuolo, Oh gosh!! Thats a problem right!! Get the cats to like each other so they can play and you two and do whatever ?! just a thought

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