Real Life Couples 💏 Giving Us All the Feels 💋😍 ...


We see them in the grocery store, walking down the street, or maybe they're even our neighbors. They seem like the perfect couple and they sure know how to give us relationship envy! Check out the @couplegoalsz IG to see all the love and happiness of real life couples (so we can go hate our boyfriends for not being like them! 😝)


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Real Life Couples 💏 Giving Us All the Feels 💋😍 ...


Just enjoy your life and eventually you'll find the right one for you
Am 20 years old and I don't have a boyfriend and I've never been kissed either and am not shamed of it
@Haraf4 that's not a problem at all
I don't have a boyfriend I've never been in love is that a problem?
Mary kate
Do only white people fall in love? I think 99% of those couples were white and under the age of 25.
It just makes me want to have a guy
Whitney Dieudonne
Agree, I thought similar thoughts.
Real life couples? Where are all the older,or overweight couples? These all look like models
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