Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas for New Couples to Try ...


Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas for New Couples to Try ...
Best New Year's Eve Date Ideas for New Couples to Try ...

For new couples, celebrating the holidays can be a bit tricky. You might not have established any traditions as a couple yet or you might have your own traditions with friends and family that typically doesn't include a partner. Luckily, New Year's Eve is a more casual and party-friendly way to celebrate the advent of the new year. So, NYE is a perfect date night for new couples and there are so many fun ways to celebrate without any pressure! Try some of our ideas on New Year's Eve date ideas, specifically with new couples in mind, and prepare for the best year yet!

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Dance the Night Away

crowd, audience, nightclub, I can't think of a better way to spend New Year's Even with your new partner than dancing. Honestly, I'm far from being a good dancer but I have so much fun that I really don't care how I look! Whether you're a dancing pro or you need a little bubbly to loosen up, dancing is a great way to bond with your partner getting your heart rate up.


Dancing the night away is a great way for new couples to bond and celebrate the New Year. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also gets your heart rate up and provides a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Whether you're a pro or need a little liquid courage to loosen up, dancing is a great way to spend New Year's Eve with your new partner. Plus, you don't need to worry about looking perfect - just have fun and enjoy the moment. Don't forget to take breaks and get some snacks to keep your energy up.


Game Night

food, yoda, tumblr, find, Waldo, If you and your partner are homebodies and even thinking about fighting traffic and loud crowds give you a headache, how about a game night in? Hold a game tournament and test your wits against your partner or even have a drinking game or two in the comfort of your own home.


New Year's Eve is the perfect time to try something new and special with your loved one. Why not host a game night in the comfort of your own home? Test your wits against each other with a game tournament, or try a drinking game or two. Make the night extra special by adding a few decorations, preparing some snacks and drinks, and playing some of your favorite tunes. You can even dress up in festive costumes to make the night even more memorable. Have fun and enjoy the unique experience of a game night on New Year's Eve with your partner.


Hit the Road

car, vehicle, road, executive car, automobile make, If you and your love consider yourselves more of the outdoor type or wish to seek some adventure, take a road trip. Do some research on national parks close by or cruise to a nearby state for something new that the two of you can explore together.


Bowl a Lucky Strike

, New Year's Eve doesn't have to be all about nightclubs and table service. You can have just as much fun if not more getting involved in a hobby together. Consider getting dressed up and hitting the bowling alley or someplace similar.


Kiss the Cook

sense, meal, Start a New Year's Eve tradition of your own by cooking up a fancy meal together. Pick out a recipe together, go shopping, and spend the night preparing and enjoying all of your hard work in the kitchen. What a tasty way to welcome the new year!


Indulge in Dessert

color, human action, facial expression, red, photograph, Whether you go out for dinner or stay in, dessert is one of the most important meals of the day so let's make it special. Pick up dessert from your favorite place or make dessert together and enjoy it while reliving the best parts of 2016 and your resolutions for 2017.


Have a Spa Night

muscle, Say, goodbye, voursore, muscles!, You don't have to drop a ton of cash to have a relaxing spa experience. Create your own spa night at home by giving each other massages and using some speciality oils to make it extra special.


Have Dinner in Bed

person, interaction, After a long day at work, battling crowds for a meal out might be the last thing you want to do. A fun alternative is to order in and enjoy it in bed with your partner. Don't forget your super comfy pajamas!


Make It a Movie Marathon Night

interaction, Spend the night cuddling on the couch with your favorite movies and your favorite person. Fire up Netflix or bring a bunch of movies from your collection and spend the night munching on your favorite snacks.


Stay at a B&B

photograph, black and white, person, photography, monochrome photography, Go all out this NYE and treat yourselves to a room at a charming B&B. It'll feel like a mini vacation and you'll get a much-needed break while you refresh your mind for the new year.


Go to a Concert

Tri, WLightsAndRave, Music, Do you and your partner have a favorite artist in common? Maybe there's a play that you've both been wanting to see or a special comic is in town. No matter what the event, seeing a live event is a fun way to spend the evening and create some memories.


Spend the Evening by the Fireside

room, boutique, retail, display window, If you want to have some more intimate, one-on-one time with your partner, spend the evening with some cocktails and cozy up by the fire. It's sexy, different, and sure to get the fire going in your partner.


Take the Party to the Beach

human action, sports, physical exercise, morconfidential, If you both enjoy long walks on the beach, why not take your party of two to the beach? Bring a basket of your favorite wine or champagne, some nibbles, and you're all set for an intimate evening.


Go to a Fancy Restaurant

, Get dressed to the nines and hit up the fancy new restaurant in town for NYE festivities. You'll enjoy a nice change of scenery while tasting some delicious new dishes.


Wine Tasting at Home

person, people, singing, Gather some 2016 wines and spend the evening wine tasting and reminiscing over your year. Wine is the perfect companion to your year in review and it might help you get creative with your New Year's resolutions!


Make Holiday Drinks

screenshot, sense, interaction, Whip up both of your favorite holiday drinks and spend the night sipping and savoring 2016. Get creative with the recipes, maybe the two of you will come up with a signature drink.


Take a Romantic Walk

sand, material, If you live in a walk-friendly city, take your partner on a romantic walk in your neighborhood tour. Or, you can always explore a new neighborhood together and find some new places that the two of you want to hit up together in the future.


Go Ice Skating

ice skating, skating, winter sport, Ice skating is a super fun date idea no matter what your skill level. Sure, it helps if you or your partner know how to skate but you can learn together! Afterward, grab some drinks or hot cocoa.


Go on a Dinner Boat Cruise

cartoon, illustration, comics, If the two of you want to try something different this year, a dinner boat cruise is definitely it! Get dressed up and enjoy the ride while you see the beautiful sights of the city on the boat.

Do you have any New Year's date night ideas to add to the list? Let us know what your ultimate NYE date night would consist of in the comments below! Happy New Year!

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