7 Reasons It's Okay to Fight in Relationships Every Now and then ...

Alicia Fannin

7 Reasons It's Okay to Fight in Relationships Every Now and then ...

Sometimes, there are valid reasons it’s okay to fight in relationships. Of course, you don’t want to fight all the time and you certainly don’t want to have bitter fights that tear at the very foundation of your relationship. But sometimes there are advantages to a mild argument for a couple. Let’s talk about the reasons it’s okay to fight in relationships.

1 It Clears the Air

One of the reasons it’s okay to fight in relationships is that it clears the air. Sometimes things have been bothering you for a long time and you just need to get those thoughts and feelings out. It is actually healthier than holding them all inside. When you hold things inside, they can eat at you and even make you passive aggressive toward your partner. This is not a good idea for your relationship so sometimes a little argument is helpful for this reason.

2 It Proves You’re Normal

Let’s just be real here, ladies. Everybody fights. And if they say they don’t, they are either lying or they are in such denial of their relationship problems that their relationship is in worse shape than if they did argue. That being said, an argument says that you are normal. It proves that you are like other couples and like other couples, you can work through it.

3 It’s Honest

Arguing can be very unpleasant. But it is honest. It is real. It is how you really feel. And sometimes that is a wiser, more mature choice than stuffing your feelings deep inside and ignoring them.

4 It Proves You Are Individuals

An argument always proves one thing. It proves that you are both individuals. It proves that you do not think exactly alike and that is okay. It means you both bring a unique perspective to the relationship and that is a good thing. That is something good to remember in the midst of an argument.

5 It is a Path to Compromise

Arguing is never pleasant in the moment. I don’t think anyone truly enjoys it. But it does have one positive outcome. It is a good path to compromise. Generally, after the argument is over, it is easier to reach a compromise when you are working things out. That outcome is for the betterment of your relationship.

6 It is a Way of Sharing Your Feelings

Arguing is not the best way to get your feelings across to your partner. It is much better to communicate them in a polite, kind manner where you can both openly share your feelings. But sometimes that does not work because your partner does not or will not listen. They may not realize how serious you truly are. An argument is a way to get your point across, albeit a bit rougher than other options. Sometimes that is what it takes but it should never be the first choice.

7 You Are Standing up for Your Rights

While you want to have harmony in your relationship, you also do not want to be run over. Sometimes that means that you have to stand up for your rights. Sometimes that will lead to an argument. While that isn’t ideal, it is a better choice than allowing someone to run over you. Sometimes you have to prove that you do have boundaries.

Arguing isn’t a good thing but sometimes good things can come of it. Have you experienced any of these benefits because of an argument you had in your relationship? Please share with us.