7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Get Married after 40 ...


7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Get Married after 40 ...
7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Get Married after 40 ...

You're in your 30s and society is whispering in your ear that you need to find the "one", but today I’m going to share with you reasons why it’s okay to get married after 40. This isn’t to say it’s wrong to get married at an earlier age, but just to give support to those who want to wait.

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Being focused on advancing in your career is a great reason why it’s okay to get married after 40. Whether you’re in the military or have worked your way through medical or law school, it can be a lot of pressure to be in a committed relationship and focus on your career as well. When you need to concentrate on intricate cases or have late nights on call at the office, you don’t need someone getting mad at you for missing dinner. Some spouses understand and are great for support, but it’s okay if you aren’t ready to juggle both.



You just don’t have the time in your life right now to be weighed down with domestic decisions like buying a house, who is going to take care of the dog, the laundry, or the dishes. You are happy with being an independent woman who can travel, hang out with your friends when they call at 8 p.m. on a Thursday night, and can spend her money when and where she wants. There is nothing wrong with being a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants and getting married before you hit 40 isn’t on that list right now.



You want to see the world and you want to see some of it by yourself without a spouse and without children. Sometimes you just want the freedom to get up and go backpacking through Europe, and you may want to do it with a friend or even alone. However, a partner may not understand that you need to take this trip alone. If you love traveling and living in a different country for years at a time, you should feel free to do so and not be worried that your mom or anyone else thinks you should be settling down by now. If you find the right person who loves to travel too, then you’ll go exploring with them...but you are not settling down!


Second Chance

Perhaps you were among the generation who got married before you were really ready, and sadly that relationship ended in divorce. Now you want your second chance at living life and doing the things you didn’t get to do while you were married. As a stay at home mom who attended to your husband’s and children’s needs, you didn’t get to have girl’s nights, travel abroad, or go on road trips. So have fun living it up and getting your second chance at life.


You Just Haven’t Found the “One”

You have dated plenty of potential partners, but you never felt that any of them were the “one”. Until now - and so what if you're in your 40s. Now that you have finally found him/her, it’s okay to want the wedding and bond of marriage you always dreamed of. You are never too old to find the one and make the commitment of being life partners.


You’re Not Ready

Not everyone is ready to get married before 40, and it’s better to wait until you know you’re ready then to jump into something when you’re unsure of it. Plus, the longer you wait, the more mature your guy will be! Guys tend to mature much later in life, so when he is 40 he will finally be ready to settle down and won’t feel like you’re trying “mothering” him all the time!


You’re Finding Yourself

In your teens and 20s, you were always introduced as a “couple” when you went out to parties and gatherings, but you were never just you. Now that you’re single, you’re trying to find yourself and who you are without having someone always by your side. What do you really like to do on the weekends, who are you when no one else is around, who are you when you’re out with friends now that you’re single?

Be free, be you, and carry these reasons why it’s okay to get married after 40 in your heart. Don’t let society, friends, or family members tell you it’s too late for you. Get married or don’t get married, the choice is yours!

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Absolutely fantastic article!!

My father\'s sisters (6 btw) are all single, they are what you could call spinsters. I\'m 34 and not married, I don\'t want to end up like them but right now I\'m just not ready for a commitment like marriage

Love it!

Great article! I know some people who have no desire to be married, me on the other hand, at 40 I think I am finally ready!!!

I like the part of heels and hair..i feel i get alot of attention

awsome article!

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