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We’re always given reasons why the person you marry should be your best friend. But I’ve noticed that those reasons usually don’t extend much further past the subject title. It seems so obvious the reasons why, yet for many people, they still cite marrying their best friend as a key to lifelong happiness! So here are 7 reasons why the person you marry should be your best friend.

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You’ll Always Have Fun

One of the best reasons why the person you marry should be your best friend is because as humans, we need fun and excitement. We need adventure, we need to stimulate our senses and get excited about things! Whatever they say about marriage, one thing you need to keep any relationship strong is the ability to have fun. So who better to marry than the one person you have fun with, no matter what the two of you are doing?


The Love is Utterly Unconditional

No matter what fights happen, what stupid things you do or say, or whatever random thoughts you have, your best friend is always there for you. They’ll never judge you, never look down on you, and know just how to lift you up. They see you for all your beauty even in the darkest of times. This is why the person you marry should be your best friend, because at the end of the day, rain or shine, if you have someone who loves you no matter what, then that means that you’re family to them.


You Have a Partner in Crime – for Life

Remember when you were younger, you and your BFF would do everything together? You would want to do something so stupid and crazy, and your bestie would be standing there going, ‘nope, I’m not doing that!’ Then the next thing you know, the both of you are screaming at the top of your lungs having the time of your life. That’s a partner in crime, and if you can find someone you can do that with whom you love to death and loves you back, that is reason enough why the person you marry should be your best friend.


They Know You Better than You Know Yourself

To me, one of the biggest reasons why the person you marry should be your best friend is because only your best friend knows in in a way no one else does. You included. I don’t even have see my boyfriend to know that he’s lying on the bed playing Candy Crush, I can hear it in his voice. Likewise, I could just sigh and my man will know the reason why. Life can throw a billion curveballs at you, and sometimes all you need is someone who knows you inside and out to help you along this journey of ours.


Life is Just Better All around

Another reason why the person you marry should be your best friend – life is just better that way. Whenever something happens, good or bad, they are the one you want to tell, because telling them makes it real for you. That makes life better. There was a wonderful quote from One Tree Hill that summed it up perfectly: “Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know, it’s the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you?” Whoever that person is, that person is who makes life better for you, no matter what.


They Are Home to You

They say that home is where the heart is. No matter where you go or what you do, there is one place that your heart finds comfort. You’ll realize that it’s not a place, or an event, but a person, who ultimately makes you feel like you’re home. You’re at peace with that person, and that’s what it should be like. This is why the person you marry should be your best friend, because with that person, no matter where you are, you’re home.


You Become a Better Person All around

I love meeting someone’s other half, because who they choose to share their heart with, is one of the most telling things about a person. You become a better person when you’re happy, you become a better person when you’re at peace with yourself, you become a better person when you’re loved and in love. This is why the person you marry should be your best friend, because without that person, your life isn’t whole. And no one deserves to life a half-life!

There are hundreds, if not thousands of reasons out there why you should marry your best friend. Of course these are personal thoughts, other people may not agree! So tell me, do you think it’s wise to marry your best friend?

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I am currently in a serious relationship with my bestfriend and I think he's the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with cant imagine life without him :)

hmmmmmm I believe in everything overthere bcos if all the above broken marriges are really true friends I dont see why it shld

Lol, my fiancée is not my best friend , but I love him all the same. This just cracked me up as my bestie is a gay male.

Adore this article!

These are the basis of any marriage. My chap isn't my best friend, I require different fulfilment from that role which my best female friends provide to me. That he is warm, loving, we share the same morals and priorities for the future, and I have complete trust in him, is why I want to spend the rest of my life waking up next to him.

brake up nut all the try to marry ur best friends for they makes the dark days bright

I am totally agree with you!! If you are a reasonable person it just makes sense to marry your best friend from opposite gender ;) I would like that for myself..

can.t read it

My parents married cuz they were bestfriends. 16 years later they divorced. Marriage scares me, you think someone is absolutely perfect for you to then being totally incompatible 7,8,or 9 years from now. We ALL change its inevitable! Thats why i dont believe in getting married in my 20s and for that matter ever. I wish people the best of luck who are married in there early 20s

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