7 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Rich Men ...

By Heather

Rich Men are some of the most attractive men in the world aren't they? Ladies, do you think that they are attractive just for their money though? Well, I've got the scoop on the top 7 reasons why rich men are awesome – not just because of their money! After all, you wouldn't want to be considered a gold digger for going after just guys that are rich!

1 Style

When it comes to rich men, don't they have the best style in the world? Not only do they cloak themselves in labels, but they actually take care of everything from their hair down to their nails. For me, if a guy is well-groomed, that's a done deal!

2 Motivated

If you are part of the rich men society, you didn't get there by not being motivated. Rich guys are super attractive because they have a drive that a lot of men lack. Not only are they motivated, but they typically run their own businesses or have a career that is incredibly motivational.

3 Confidence

Confidence is definitely a way to a woman's heart and guys that have money are typically some of the most confident men in the world! They walk differently, act differently and know themselves very well. Confidence is attractive guys, take notes!

4 Spontaneous

Not all guys can afford to fly to Paris or to London on a whim for a dinner date, but one of the major reasons why women are attract to rich men is because they are spontaneous like this. A rich guy will hop into a plane just to have a real Italian dinner in Italy. Guys, take not, just because you don't have the funds to do this, bring your girlfriend flowers sometimes or even just spring a date night on her to be spontaneous!

5 Generous

Rich men are some of the most generous men in the world (most of the time). Not only do they typically give to charities, but they are willing to donate their time by volunteering. When a man does things like donate their time or money, it really shows what type of personality they have and what their core morals are!

6 Wise

If a guy is rich, he probably knows what he's doing with money right? Typically, rich men are some of the wisest men around. Not only can they advise you about investing, but they can teach you about budgets and how to keep your funds in check! How great is that?

7 Exciting

Finally ladies, the main reason why rich men are attractive is because they are exciting. They know how to have a good time and they take advantage of it! They have the time and the funds to be established and know how to take their time with things.

Even though money is nice, there are is so much more to rich men than just their money. These are just the top 7 reasons why rich men are attractive to women, what are some of the other reasons ladies? Come on, share your opinions, did I miss any?

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