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8 Guy Hobbies for You to Be Aware of ...

By Heather

Learning all about guy hobbies is important when you are in a relationship with a guy! After all, you want to know exactly what he's into and which male hobbies might be something you are interested in too, right? If you have no idea which guy activities are out there and no idea where to look for the right hobbies, I've got your back, girls! Below, I've got all of the hobbies that your guy might be into, so you can learn a little bit about what he likes!

1 Fishing

Fishing is one of those guy hobbies that a lot of men just absolutely love! For me, this hobby isn't one that I could do – because I can't even bait the hook! So if you have a guy who is outdoorsy and loves to fish, it might be a good idea to at least look into doing it with your man!

2 Coaching

A lot of guys actually love to coach things. Little league, softball, soccer – tons of sports! This is truly for the guy who loves to be outdoors and is looking for a girl who loves sports. If your guy loves sports, you might want to see if both of you can coach a hockey team or a softball team in your spare time. It could be a great bonding experience for both of you!


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3 Poker Night

Another traditional guy hobby that a ton of guys have is poker night. This is typically a 'guy night' thing, but maybe, if your guy is interested, you could get in on a poker night or two a month, just so that you'll be able to bond a little bit more with your boyfriend. Poker can also be fun with just the two of you and can even be a little sexy!

4 Fantasy Football

Okay girls, so this is one guy hobby that I just don't understand. I know that a lot of guys are into fantasy football, but me, myself, I can't get a grip on it! This guy hobby has taken over the entire world, it seems. There isn't a guy I know who isn't involved in some type of fantasy football team!

5 Home Brewing

This guy hobby can actually be super fun for an entire family or even for just you and your boyfriend! Home brewing beer is such a great bonding experience and you'll be doing something fun together. So, grab a home brewing kit and see if your guy wants to take up this hobby with you!

6 Target Shooting

Something about feeling a gun in their hands and being able to shoot at something legally is attractive to a guy. That's what makes this hobby one of the best for guys. They love to head to the shooting range and stay there for hours. While this isn't necessarily something I would do with my partner, would you girls go target shooting with your guy?

7 Golfing

This is one of the most versatile guy hobbies because it can be fun for both girls and guys! Golfing is great exercise and will get you out in the fresh air with your partner. It doesn't matter whether you are good or even if you keep score, it's just a great way for both of you to bond a little bit more!

8 Musical Instruments

Finally, the last guy hobby that we're going to talk about is taking up a musical instrument! It doesn't matter if it is a guitar, a trumpet or even the flute. Guys love girls that can play musical instruments and they love to play them, themselves.

So girls, there you have it! These are my top 8 guy hobbies that they love! What other guy hobbies are out there that maybe you can get involved in?

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