15 Things We do That Put Men into an Instant Bad Mood ...


15 Things We do That Put Men into an Instant Bad Mood ...
15 Things We do That Put Men into an Instant Bad Mood ...

There are many things we do that put him in a bad mood instantly, that we might not even be aware of! Does your boyfriend sometimes put you in a bad mood with some of the antics that he pulls? Well girls, I've compiled the top 15 things we do that put him in a bad mood, so that you'll be more aware of what could ruin your man's mood instantly! So ladies, you ready to explore some of the things we do that put him in a bad mood?

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Nagging is absolutely one of the worst things in the world that a girl can do to a guy. It's hard for a guy to ignore our nagging and it is one of the things we do that puts him in a bad mood. Sometimes, guys do need some nagging, but there is a time and place for it and you want to make sure that you are nagging only when you know that he isn't stressing about something else, otherwise it could backfire!


Constant Picking

Constant and insistent picking at our man is another thing we do that puts him in a bad mood. We all pick at our mates, it's something that naturally happens, but if you are constantly telling him to tuck in his shirt, that he needs a haircut or that you hate his beard, it can get on his nerves! Remember girls, there are things that we do that drive him nuts too!


Constant Text Messages

If your man states that he is going to be busy and you are constantly texting him, that is definitely one thing we do that puts him in a bad mood. Girls, you've got to understand, if he is busy, he can't constantly be texting you back or looking to read your texts. Instead, you've got to lay off the texting and wait for him to come to you!


Too Clingy

Texting too much is a sign that you are being too clingy, but there are other ways to be clingy that can put your man in a bad mood. For example, showing up at his work, constantly calling him, constantly questioning him about his whereabouts and trying to figure out what he has been up to. These are all things we do that put him in a bad mood that we might not have known!


Needing Too Much Attention

While being clingy is one thing, constantly needing your man's attention can be annoying, girls. Sometimes, he just wants to have his own space and wants to relax on his own. He doesn't want to constantly pay attention to you and everything that you need. Everybody needs space, girls. Sometimes, it might be hard to let him have it, but you need to!


Bathroom Hogging

Oh girls, I am guilty of this one too, bathroom hogging. Guys hate it when we take forever in the bathroom. I know that doing your hair and makeup can take forever, but truthfully, when you are in the bathroom for hours and hours, without any sign of letting up, it's one of the things we do to put him in a bad mood.


Our Reactions

There are tons of different reactions that we as girls have and truthfully, guys are scared of them. Sometimes, when they tell us that they are having lunch with a friend or even if they are heading out for a boys’ night, they are scared of how we are going to react. This, in turn, can put them in a bad mood, if we react badly to something as simple as a boys’ night. So girls, keep your moods in check and your reactions to a minimum and you'll be fine!


Too Many Girls’ Nights

While guys do tend to limit their guys’ nights when they have a girlfriend, us girls don't typically limit our girls’ nights. That can actually put our men in a bad mood – and can actually lead to a lot of fights if your man is not secure. The solution? Include him! Also make sure that you reassure him constantly!


Shopping with a Girl

Another thing we do to put him in a bad mood is going shopping with him. Some guys are into shopping, but most of them absolutely hate it when their girlfriends want to go shopping. It's because we browse too much, because we try too many things on and can't decide on things.


Spending Too Much Money

When you’re in a committed relationship, you have to start thinking about how much you spend. It was no big deal when you were single to go out and buy that cute top you wanted, or go out to lunch with your friends all the time. However, now that there are two of you and you are trying to save for a wedding, a house, a bigger car, or start a family, you have to take into consideration how much you spend. When he sees that you are constantly spending money, it isn’t going to put him in a good mood! It’s okay to tell your friends you can’t do lunch next week.


Asking Him the “do I Look Fat?” Question

When we talk too much about our weight or ask him the “Do I look fat?” or “Does this make me look fat?” questions, we are pretty much leaving ourselves open for trouble. He loves you just the way you are and wants you to be confident about the way you look. Ladies, confidence is sexy, so show off your curves and he will love you even more!


Being Social Media Obsessed

Are you always checking your phone when you’re on a date or hanging out together? Put down your phone and give your man the attention he is there for. Yes, needing too much attention is something that will put him in a bad mood, but not giving him any affection will put him in a bad mood as well. Find the balance and everyone will be happy!


Telling Him Your Friend’s Opinion

If you seem to be having the same argument over and over again -- he works too much, he parties too much, money or commitment issues -- never bring your friend’s opinion into the argument. It’s okay to ask your friends for advice and discuss it when you’re not arguing, but don’t say, “Well, my friends agree with me that you’re spending too much money,” especially while in the middle of a fight. This will not end well.


Being Too Dependent

This is separate from being too clingy or needing too much attention. If you are too dependent on him and don’t know how to fix things around the house, go grocery shopping, or pay bills on your own, he will feel like he has a child to take care of instead of being in a relationship. We all ask for help when we need it, but constantly asking for it and not learning how to do things on your own is not healthy for any relationship.


Being Too Independent

You do, however, want to make him feel needed and loved; being too independent will make him feel like he isn’t in a relationship at all. Bounce things off of him, ask for his opinion on something that you know will interest him, and once in a while ask him to change the oil in your car! Men love to have their egos boosted, so if you run around living separate lives, he is going to get the hint that you don’t need or want him. Show him you care and show him how much you really love him.

So girls, there are my top 15 things we do to put him in a bad mood. Do you have any other things we do to put him in a bad mood that I didn't come up with? Give it up!

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so we had a really good first date but he is not a constant texter and it gets on my nerves when I see him online but not replying me. what do I do... it's been 3 days?

you left out whining!

Uh oh... gottakeepmymanhappy (via Twitter)

I don't really agree with the shopping part. Ha ha while you did mention that some guys love shopping, my fiancé actually takes me shopping without even telling me. He spends more time picking things out for me that he likes than I do actually browsing, lol!

so what should u do wen u don't want to nagg

Personally I dislike compliment-fishing. As soon as you go fishing for a compliment, you eliminate the possibility that it's sincere, and I don't like being insincere. I also think that 1 and 2, and 3 through 5 are the same things essentially.

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