15 Things We do That Put Men into an Instant Bad Mood ...


There are many things we do that put him in a bad mood instantly, that we might not even be aware of! Does your boyfriend sometimes put you in a bad mood with some of the antics that he pulls? Well girls, I've compiled the top 15 things we do that put him in a bad mood, so that you'll be more aware of what could ruin your man's mood instantly! So ladies, you ready to explore some of the things we do that put him in a bad mood?

1. Nagging

Nagging is absolutely one of the worst things in the world that a girl can do to a guy. It's hard for a guy to ignore our nagging and it is one of the things we do that puts him in a bad mood. Sometimes, guys do need some nagging, but there is a time and place for it and you want to make sure that you are nagging only when you know that he isn't stressing about something else, otherwise it could backfire!

Constant Picking


Heather Jensen
Aww! I think that it is good, but it can also cause a little resentment if you don't get everything out in the open.
Heather Jensen
So true! I hate it too -- even when I'm doing it!
I also know some guys dont like the constant high-pitched squealing some girls do:P even as a girl i don't like it:P
Before I was single, I enjoyed Saturday shopping. Working all week, Saturday was a chance to breakfast together, browse the shops etc. She try stuff on and I'd say what I liked and didn't or suggest o...
Heather Jensen
Hi! What're you trying to get him to do that you are nagging about?
so what should u do wen u don't want to nagg
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Heather Jensen
Hi Melly! Hang onto that guy! A lot of the guys that I know hate shopping, I have to beg them to take me. :)
I don't really agree with the shopping part. Ha ha while you did mention that some guys love shopping, my fiancΓ© actually takes me shopping without even telling me. He spends more time picking things out for me that he likes than I do actually browsing, lol!
Heather Jensen
Hi Sydney! I think that is the ideal amount, just keep it light throughout the day and -- maybe don't text him every day, let him text you sometimes!
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