25 Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls ...


25 Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls ...
25 Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls ...

Oh the Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls! This is the question we received from one of our readers:

I'm going on my friends formspring putting anonymous and writing really random and awkward questions to her. hahaha. what are some good ones?

Frankly speaking, I had so much to share with you on this subject, I could not keep it to myself, boys and girls. I'm never quite sure whether to tear my hair out, punch the guy or just politely brush it away when I hear some of these. I'm sure you've all run into at least one guy who doesn't hesitate to ask awkward questions to a girl. Maybe we should hold up a sign saying "Hey that's an awkward question". Do you think that would shut them up? Probably not. Here's a list of some of the most awkward questions to ask a girl. Boys, pay attention and despite your first instinct, do not ask the girls you actually like these questions!

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Is Your Sister/friend Single? - Awkward Especially when You're the One Eyeing Him


This text is from an article on a women-focused blog in the category of love. It is addressing the awkward questions that guys ask girls. Asking if a girl's sister or friend is single is a common question that can be uncomfortable for the girl, especially if the guy asking the question is the one interested in her sister or friend.

This type of question can be seen as intrusive and can also be seen as a way for the guy to indirectly ask the girl out. The girl may feel like she is being put in a difficult position, as she may not want to talk about her sister or friend's relationship status.

The article also suggests that the girl should be honest in her response, but also be mindful of her words. If the guy is interested in her sister or friend, she should be careful not to encourage his interest. She may also want to avoid giving too much information about her sister or friend's relationship status.

The article advises that the girl should also be aware of the situation and the implications of her response. If the guy is asking the question out of genuine curiosity, she should be honest and polite. If she feels uncomfortable, she should be able to politely decline to answer the question.


Am I Your Type?


When confronted with the question "Am I your only one?", many women find themselves in a delicate balance between preserving the questioner's ego and being truthful about their past and what they envision for the future. It's a tricky inquiry that can signal insecurity or a desire for exclusivity in a relationship. Be honest, but also diplomatic; it's important to respect your partner's feelings while maintaining your own personal boundaries. Remember, communication is key, and how you discuss these topics can greatly affect the health and understanding within your relationship.


Are Those Real? - Drunken Guys Really Come up with the Most Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl


What is the Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?


Why Are You Single?


Have You Ever Done Drugs?


How Much Does Your Job Pay? - Boys, This is Definitely an Awkward Question to Ask a Girl, Especially if You've Just Met


Tell Me Something You Haven't Told Anyone before/What's Your Deepest Darkest Secret? - What Makes You Think I Want to Tell You?


How Many Partners Have You Been with?


Do You Want to Go Dutch?


This text is the title of the 25th question in the article. The article is aimed at helping men understand the awkward questions they may ask a girl, and how to ask them in a more respectful and appropriate manner. The article covers topics such as dating, relationships, and communication. It also provides advice on how to make conversations more comfortable and enjoyable. The article is written from a female-focused perspective and provides tips on how to make conversations more meaningful and less awkward.


Can I Kiss You? - This is Such an Awkward Question to Ask a Girl. a Good Response Would Be "Only if I Can Punch You"


This text is an example of an awkward question that guys ask girls. It can make the girl feel uncomfortable and unsure of how to respond. This is why it is important for guys to be aware of the kind of questions they are asking girls. While it may seem like a harmless question, it can actually put a lot of pressure on the girl to answer in a certain way. Other questions that may be considered awkward include asking a girl what her plans are for the weekend, or asking her if she has a boyfriend. It is important to be mindful of the questions we ask and to be respectful of the other person's feelings.


Is It Okay if I Sleep over?


The question "Is it okay if I sleep?" can be a difficult one for guys to ask girls. It may be a sign that he is interested in spending more time with her, but it can also come off as presumptuous. It is important for guys to be aware of the potential implications of the question and to be respectful of the girl's feelings and boundaries. Girls should feel comfortable expressing their needs and desires, and guys should be mindful of not taking advantage of the situation. Ultimately, it is up to the two individuals to decide what is best for them.


Have You Tried Peeing Standing up?


Ever Been with a Woman?


Do You like That? or Other Such Questions in Bed. There is No Right Way to Answer That and That's What Makes It an Awkward Question to Ask a Girl


Why Did Your Ex and You Part Ways?


The reasons why people break up vary from couple to couple. It could be due to a lack of compatibility, a change in values, or a difference in life goals. It could also be due to a lack of communication, a lack of effort, or a lack of trust. Whatever the reason, it is important to take time to reflect on what happened and to learn from the experience. Moving forward, it is important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to relationships. It is important to be honest with yourself and with your partner, and to be open to communication and compromise.


Are You Pmsing? - Yes, and when I'm Done, Im Going to Kill You


The text in question is a response to a question posed by a man to a woman. This type of question is often seen as intrusive and can make the woman feel uncomfortable. It is important to remember that not all questions need to be answered and it is perfectly acceptable to say no or to ignore the question. Additionally, it is important to note that it is never okay to threaten someone, and threats of violence should be taken seriously. It is important to create a safe and respectful environment in any relationship.


How Come You Didn't Return My Call? Don't Make It Embarrassing for Yourself and for Her by Asking This Awkward Question. Obviously, She Saw Your Call and Chose Not to Return It


Does Size Really Matter? - Especially when You Know He's Not as *ahem* Gifted


Was Sex Better with Your Ex than with Me?


Do You Love Me?


Anything to do with STD's- Important No Doubt but Also an Awkward Question to Ask a Girl


What do You See in Our Future?- Again, a Vital Question at Some Point but Sure to Be Awkward


Have You Put on Some Weight? - This is Possibly the Most Awkward Question to Ask a Girl. Boys, if You Value Your Lives, Find a Nicer Way of Telling Her She's Put on Weight


Do You Spit or Swallow....gum? - #true Story. Longest Pause of My Life and the Closest I've Come to Hitting a Guy

Now tell me those aren't some really Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls! Some of these are awkward questions to ask a girl because of their timing and some just always are. What awkward questions have you been asked and how did you respond? Also, boys I hope you've learnt a thing or two about refraining from these awkward questions to ask a girl. Seriously. It's not as funny as you and your friends might think!

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What's left to be asked ? Lol

What's embarrassing is when your nosy brother who knows nothing about girl's period enters your bathroom, looks in the trash can, takes out your pads which are wrapped in tissues and asks; "what's that??" ...... A ninja in disguise! Idiot brother, gosh that almost made my heart stop...

Haha! Number 3!

hi all

Um, to number 11 and 15, I think those are great questions! I don't understand at all why one would feel uncomfortable with them.

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