8 Characteristics of a Good Man ...


8 Characteristics of a Good Man ...
8 Characteristics of a Good Man ...

Ever wonder what the characteristics of a good man are? If you are in the dating scene, I am sure you have? We all have wanted to know the type of things to look for in a good man. Take a peek at these 8 characteristics of a good man and keep them in mind during your next date.

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As a woman, finding a faithful man should be one of the main characteristics of a good man we look for. I’d much rather a guy be man enough to break up with me than out cheating behind my back. If this isn’t working for you and your heart (or other parts) are looking elsewhere than let me know so I can move on too.



Honesty is very important also. Not just honesty to you, but also his honesty to other people. If he is quick to lie to his boss or even his friend than he probably can’t be trusted. One day it may leave you doubting his word.


When assessing a potential partner's honesty, consider how he handles everyday situations. Is he transparent and forthright in his dealings, or does he often bend the truth to suit his needs? A good man will show integrity across all aspects of his life, reflecting a strong ethical foundation. Observing him in different scenarios can reveal much about his character. If he demonstrates consistency in his honesty, that’s a green flag indicating his reliability. Always remember, honesty in a relationship paves the way for trust, which is the backbone of any strong and healthy partnership.


Financially Sound

A characteristic of a good man isn’t that he makes a lot of money, but that he handles his money well. Even a man with a fat pay check can be broke. Take time to figure out how he uses credit cards and if he bothers to save money.


Sense of Humor

One of my favorite characteristics of a good man is a sense of humor. I love a guy that can make me laugh and enjoys laughing too. I couldn’t handle being in a relationship with a guy who lacked humor.


Easy Going

I also want someone I can feel at ease talking to. If you have to walk around on egg shells or feel anxious to be around a person, it just doesn’t seem right.



Another characteristic of a good man is respect. He needs to have manners and treat others with respect. He also needs to be someone that deserves respect. The worse thing is to be around someone who is unnecessarily rude to others and acts inappropriately.


Family Orientated

Does he value family? He may not come from the best family, but a characteristic of a good man is having family values. He needs to understand the importance of having parents as good role models and the benefits of a tight family bond, even if that isn’t the life he’s had.



Having goals and motivation is another characteristic of a good man. You want someone that is always trying to do better and is driven to try harder at everything he does. That means he will always try his best to please you.

Finding a man with characteristics of a good man isn’t hard. Keeping these characteristics in mine will help you weed out the bad guys and focus on the good ones. What are some characteristics of a good man that you like?

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Have any of you thought of making a friendship advice topic? I need some big help with friend issues!

And now, from a guys perspective....I am 41, have unfortunately never been in a relationship, and would have no problems with commitment, if she was "the one". The longest time I have ever been with a woman was two weeks(not long enough to be classed as a relationship), when, after a great night out, she pulled me aside and said I treat her very well, so she is dumping me. WTF ? Without another word, she got into her car, and left, leaving me without a way back home. I have never really recovered from that. I have tried very hard to build up my self confidence, but events like that, and some others don't help. I have resigned to the fact that I will be single forever, which just kills me inside, because I have so much caring and love to give, but when your shot down because of that, why keep trying ?

i love a man that is kind, caring , and very supportive

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