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7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend is Being Mean ...

By Corina

Even if it may be hard to believe, there are a lot of reasons why your boyfriend is being mean. I’m not talking about an abusive boyfriend but about someone who bothers you sometimes with their behavior or with their attitude. Everyone can be mean to those around them sometimes, but when your boyfriend acts this way with you, it hurts. No relationship is perfect and you need to work hard to reach all your goals and fulfill all your dreams. If you’re wondering what are the reasons why your boyfriend is being mean, here is what you should consider:

1 You’re Too Clingy

One of the most obvious reasons why your boyfriend is being mean is the fact that you are too clingy. Everyone needs their space, even you, so try not to suffocate your significant other by always wanting to be around them. Be confident and allow them to do certain things that don’t include you. This doesn’t mean that they don’t love you, just that they need to spend some alone time sometimes.

2 Lack of Communication

The lack of communication between you can also be another reason why your boyfriend is sometimes mean to you. Just talk and clarify certain things. Be a better listener and improve your communication skills. See what’s on their mind and then, focus on overcoming that obstacle to improve your relationship.

3 Payback

Another reason why someone can be mean to their girlfriend or boyfriend is the fact that they are trying to get revenge. Maybe you did something that really hurt them (you cheated on them or even things that are not so serious but still affected your loved one) and they are just trying to make you see how they felt when you hurt them.

4 You Have Different Needs

Everyone is unique and people do have different wants and needs. If you and your boyfriend have very different needs, for example, he may want to have more space or you may need him to show you more affection, conflicts may appear and they might degenerate into fights.

5 He Doesn’t Have Good Manners

There are people who are rude and who don’t know how to act politely or kindly. If your boyfriend doesn’t have good manners, try to tell him that and make him a few suggestions on how he can improve his behavior. Show him how his words or actions hurt you and be kind to him because he may not even know that he is doing something wrong.

6 You’re Misunderstanding Him

Another reason why your boyfriend may be mean to you is the fact that you misunderstand him. For example, if he tells you that you look fine, it doesn’t mean that you are not gorgeous or that he doesn’t appreciate you. Sometimes guys don’t have a way with words and they might use words that might seem mean but actually aren;t.

7 You’re Helpless without Him

This point is very similar to the one about being too clingy. If you often feel helpless without your boyfriend and if you need him to do every little thing for you, you may end up annoying him and he may be mean to you on occasion. Just be confident and stand up on your own two feet sometimes!

Good communication is the key to a happy relationship, so try to improve your communication skills and be a better listener. Do you know any other reasons why a boyfriend can be mean to his girlfriend? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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