8 Signs Your Boyfriend is Controlling ...


8 Signs Your Boyfriend is Controlling ...
8 Signs Your Boyfriend is Controlling ...

Learning all of the signs your boyfriend is controlling isn't easy, it's also something you probably never think about right? You think that you'd be able to see all of the signs your boyfriend is controlling right away. You'd be surprised just how many signs your boyfriend is controlling are out there that a lot of women overlook. Don't worry ladies, if you think that your boyfriend is over stepping his boundaries!

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He Puts You down

One of the top signs your boyfriend is controlling is that he constantly puts you down. He makes it seem like you can't do anything without him and that he is your entire world. He will tend to pick out every flaw you have and exploit it to the point that you start to believe you have to depend on him to be a better person. This will make you lose your own confidence and in turn, make you more vulnerable. Watch out for this ladies!


He Doubts You

He constantly doubts you and constantly doubts that you are telling the truth or even that you are going to tell the truth. If your guy is constantly at you about where you have been and doesn't believe you when you tell him, it could be a sign your boyfriend is controlling!


He Wants to Know Everything about You

Does your guy want to know every single tiny thing about you? Where you've been, who you've been talking to, how many hours it took to complete one task, how long it took you to get to the store and back – that's a sign ladies. You are entitled to your own privacy and you should never let someone bust through that!


He's Super Jealous

There is of course always going to be some sort of jealousy in almost every relationship, but if you find that your man is very, very jealous, this could be one of the signs your boyfriend is controlling. When he can't stand the thought of you talking to someone else on the phone besides him – watch out girls!


He Doesn't like You to Go out without Him

Those goes hand-in-hand with the jealousy piece. If your guy doesn't want you to ever go out without him – even for a girls night, because he is jealous, it's a sign your boyfriend is controlling. You have the right to go out without your guy ladies, remember that!


He Doesn't like You to Have Fun without Him

Does your boyfriend also not like you to have any fun without him? Does he constantly degrade you when you get home from having a fun time without him? That isn't a good sign girls, and you shouldn't have to put up with it!


He's Make the Decisions in Your Life

Another sign your boyfriend is controlling is that he starts to make any and all decisions in your life. Whether it is the restaurant that you go to all the way to the financial decisions between the two of you. He makes any and all of those decisions.


He's Never at Fault

Finally girls, the last sign your boyfriend is controlling is the fact that he's never, ever at fault – but you are. He constantly blames you for everything and anything!

So girls, do any of these signs your boyfriend is controlling sound familiar? Remember, you do not have to put up with a controlling boyfriend at all. So girls, what other signs your boyfriend is controlling have you ever experienced? Sound off below!

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My boyfriend is one of a holy saint. Lucky me

o my god all these signs match but i still love him to death what do i do now???

if you depend on him for compliments, you will not survive from his criticism.

I was with a man who really likes me ect.. But he doesn't know why he can't have a relationship with me? Hes been divorced 6 yrs lives alone? Help me folks..

WHAT THE FUCK. He's controlling meeeeeeeee. All the 8 signs!!!!

Well, I was with someone for 12 years who was controlling and emotionally abusive towards me. I believed we actually had something, even though later I realized our relationship was nothing more than a matter of convenience. I diluted myself into believing it was more when I was just being used. We were never bf/gf, he never introduced me as such, any relations we had were always kept in secret. The last 6 years were the hardest on me and nearly broke me down completely. I had given up on so much, and truly believed that I was always at fault and not good enough, and this was exactly what I thought I deserved. Luckily, I've met a wonderful man this past August that has brought me back from that darkness I was accepting. He gave me the love and strength to finally do what I had wanted to do for many years, which was to leave, and we are together now and taking things slow, but I have never been happier. My advice to you Desi, is you could talk to your boyfriend about how you feel, but if you are indeed believing that he is controlling, he more than likely is. You just have to decide on how much of yourself do you want to waste on someone who is destructive for you, and will never fully respect and love you for "you".

Girls do this shit everyday.

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