17 Relationship Goals College Aged Girls Should Have ...

By Holly

17 Relationship Goals  College Aged  Girls Should Have  ...

Everyone has relationship goals, whether they realize it or not. Most girls in college don't want to get married yet, but don't want a fling, either. If that's the case for you, then here are a few relationship goals you'll probably want to check off of the list:

1 Get Morning Texts

There's no better way to start your morning than by looking at your phone and seeing a message from your sweetheart. It'll start your day off right.

2 Binge Watch a Show Together

Netflix and chill isn't reserved for one-night stands. It's always nice for a couple to sit down together on the couch and snuggle while they watch their favorite show.

3 Go on Spring Break Together

It would be nice to fly down to someplace warm for spring break. Imagine having an entire hotel room to yourselves?

4 Study Together

Your boyfriend should support you in everything you do, and that includes your schoolwork. He should help you get the good grades you know you deserve.

5 Make-out in the Library

How sexy would it be to make-out in an empty library or classroom?

6 Take Him Home for the Holidays

Meeting your parents is a huge deal. It's something only serious couples do.

7 Cook an Actual Meal Together

You usually eat Ramen and whatever your campus' cafeteria has to offer, so it would be nice to cook an actual meal together.

8 Take a Class Together

The best thing about college is being able to plan out your classes. That means you can take a class with your boyfriend!

9 Become Friends with His Friends

They're always around, so you might as well get close to them. His friends should be your friends.

10 Have Amazing Sex

If you can kick your roommate out of the room for the night, you should be able to have some mind-blowing sex with your partner.

11 Create inside Jokes

You're not a real couple until you're able to make each other laugh with jokes that no one else in the world would understand.

12 Get an Apartment Together

This is the dream. Imagine waking up next to the love of your life every single day?

13 Bring Them to a Wedding

There's nothing more romantic than a wedding. Slow dancing with your partner on the dance floor would be a memory worth making.

14 Take the Perfect Couple’s Photo

This sounds superficial, but it's always nice to have a few fabulous photographs to look back on. Then you can create a scrapbook of your relationship!

15 Host a Party Together

You don't need to throw a crazy party complete with drugs and booze. Just host a nice dinner with all of your friends.

16 Take Your Relationship outside of College

If your relationship continues after you both graduate, then you know that you're serious about each other. You might even end up getting married!

17 Become Someone else’s Relationship Goals

Don't you want to become the perfect couple that all of your friends are jealous of?

Everyone has different relationship goals, but these activities would be fun for any couple! Have you completed any of these goals? Do you have any more to add to the list?

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