17 Things All Girls Who Are Searching for Their Soulmate Should Remember ...


17 Things All Girls Who Are Searching for Their Soulmate Should Remember ...
17 Things All Girls Who Are Searching for Their Soulmate Should Remember ...

I know that I am lucky because I have found the love of my life. I know, too, that not everyone is so lucky. When you really want to find your soulmate, the wait seems endless. It feels like you'll never find someone to love, who loves you just as much. The fact is, you might be single for a while. You might find the love of your life tomorrow. You might even discover that your soulmate isn't your lover. Whatever the case, there are a few things you need to remember in the meantime.

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Watched Pots Never Boil

vacation, I know it's a cliché and that's the last thing you want to hear when you're lonely and wishing for that one special person, but it's often true that love surprises you when you least expect it.


Your Most Epic Relationship is with Yourself

hair, person, hairstyle, black hair, painting, Above all else, even if you dream of finding a forever partner, please know that the best relationship you can ever have is with yourself – as long as you're willing to give yourself a chance.


There is Someone out There for You

There is Someone out There for You Maybe you've met, maybe you haven't, and it might be the last person you'd ever expect, but your soulmate is out there.


But Your Soulmate Won't Necessarily Be Romantic

eating, meal, food, hors d oeuvre, love., Some people are lucky enough to fall in love with their soulmates, but yours might end up being a best friend or a family member rather than a lover.


And Being Single Truly Isn't the Worst Thing

I'm, happiest, when, I'm, being, You will fall in love and someone will love you, but if you're still single for a while, it's not the end of the world – you just have to embrace it.


Don't Force a Tepid First Date into a Full-blown Relationship

person, woman, film noir, Dating is one of the banes and blessings of being single so, if it's your pleasure, date often and date for fun – but in your quest to find the love of your life and/or your soulmate, don't try to force something that's not there just for the sake of being in a relationship.


You Can Look into the past to Learn about Your Future

person, facial expression, emotion, chest, want, Meaning, you can look back at past relationships, crushes, and casual dates to figure out patterns, preferences, and types that might help you decide what you want from a forever partner.


But Try to Avoid the Urge to Try Again with Your Exes

person, hand, In most cases, your exes are exes for undeniable reasons, so don't idealize your relationships in a bid to go back and start over again – odds are it won't work this time around, either, but that's not true for everybody.


Stay Away from Your Exes Altogether when You're Vulnerable

person, profession, THOSE, BITCHES, If you're still friends with an ex, really friends, then that's fine, but if you have a tendency to stalk the one who got away, avoid doing it when your longing is at its highest point.


This is Your Time – All Yours

person, profession, film, religion, You, It might seem like the longest wait in the world, but there are so many ways you can put this time to good use.


Take a Minute to Discover Who You Really Are

person, hair, facial expression, hairstyle, black hair, Get to know yourself on a fundamental, philosophical, and spiritual level, so you can discover not just what you want in a partner, but what you want out of your life.


Maybe It's Time to Start Working on All the Things You Always Wanted to Improve

hair, performing arts, person, musician, performance, Whether that means going back to school or simply reorganizing your life, there's never going to be a better time.


You Aren't Single Because You're Unlovable

eyewear, vision care, eye glass accessory, glasses, sunglasses, You are worthy and deserving of love, and I'm sure you have so much love to give – and the right person will come.


You Should Consider Why Your past Relationships Failed

person, profession, Take a look at your behavior, your partners, and their behavior – when you take the time to assess, you can spot repeating patterns and behaviors, so you can find out if you've been attracted to toxic people and if there are any issues you need to deal with on your own.


The People You Love Are Still There for You

black and white, art, hand, dance, Stay, Even though you're not in a romantic relationship, you're surrounded by people who love you – take their love and support right now, especially since you have the time to enjoy it.


You Need to Fulfill Yourself First and Foremost

person, facial expression, black and white, emotion, film noir, The truth is that no one else can ever fulfill you if you haven't fulfilled yourself first.


Remember That You're Amazing No Matter What

person, facial expression, speech, emotion, profession, Single, married, coupled up, casually dating – no matter what the state of your romantic life, you're incredible, stupendous, miraculous, and fabulous.

Someday your prince or princess will come … or maybe you'll discover that you really are your own one true love.

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Yep I totally agree with this post hands down 🙌🏾

Yesterday we celebrated 39 years since our first date!

Very nice post indeed

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