Relationship Lessons We Can Learn from Barbie and Ken ...


Relationship Lessons We Can Learn  from Barbie and Ken ...
Relationship Lessons We Can Learn  from Barbie and Ken ...

There are several relationship lessons we can learn from Barbie and Ken. If you were a little girl who grew up anytime in the last sixty years, then it’s safe to assume that you played with a Barbie or two sometime during your childhood! Of course, wherever Barbie goes, her shiny boyfriend Ken follows, and it’s more than likely that you enjoyed plenty of adventures with the famous plastic couple over the years. However, as you get older, your tastes and priorities change. Whereas toys were once all you needed to be happy, all of a sudden, real live flesh boys start to come into the equation! But, have you ever taken a second to think that the lessons you need to have a successful relationship might just be found in those figures of your toy-filled childhood? Here are the relationship lessons we can learn from Barbie and Ken.

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Silence is one of the best relationship lessons we can learn from Barbie and Ken. Barbie and Ken can’t really talk to each other, and there is definitely something to be learned about being comfortable in the quiet with your partner, not having to fill every single second of the day with unnecessary or forced communication. Simply being near him is often enough. It’s the silent interactions that make a relationship strong, not always the verbal ones.


In these moments of shared silence, trust builds and bonds deepen. There's something incredibly intimate about being able to share a space without feeling the need to chatter. Much like Barbie and Ken, couples can communicate volumes through simple gestures, shared glances, and the comfort of mutual presence. This underscores the importance of non-verbal communication in relationships, emphasizing that sometimes, actions truly speak louder than words. Those silent stretches are not awkward pauses but rather cherished spaces where love grows in the quiet.



Ken and Barbie are always looking their best (except maybe when your 6-year-old self takes them in the bath with you), and there is certainly something to be said for always putting in an effort for your partner. When you look great, it boosts your own confidence as well as the pride in your partner that he is lucky enough to have you, and that definitely works both ways!



Barbie and Ken always have a smile on their faces, and it is a reminder that it is incredibly important to do your best to make your partner happy on a regular basis. The more you two are smiling together, the fewer problems there are to try to solve, so always be looking for ways to put a smile on your loved one’s face. They don’t always have to be big gestures, just little things that culminate in living a happy life together.



We know that Ken is the love of Barbie’s life, but what is great about their relationship is that we know that Barbie is free and happy to go off on a whole host of different adventures both on her own and with her female pals. Whether she’s competing in a horse show or traveling the country in her luxury campervan, she shows us that even if you are madly in love, your entire life does not have to revolve around your partner. You can be fiercely independent too!


Positive Body Language

Barbie is a statuesque beauty, and while her traditional proportions might be a little off reality, the one thing you can definitely say about her is that she is always giving off great, positive body language. Not only is her body language confident, but it is also welcoming, and this the perfect combination to make your partner feel good about himself and about the relationship in general.

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Silence! Lol! I need to learn that one! 😂

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