7 Ways to Ruin a Relationship before It Begins ...

By Jackie

7 Ways to Ruin a Relationship before It Begins ...

You've got to know the ways to ruin a relationship before it begins. Nothing is better than the beginning of a relationship; the dating, the late night talks, the cuddles. Everything is always sweeter at the beginning of a relationship. Unfortunately, our mind can get the best of us, and start ruining these relationships before they even had a chance to really start. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that we are doing it. Catch yourself before it’s too late. Here are some ways to ruin a relationship before it begins.

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Jealousy is one of the top ways to ruin a relationship before it begins. It’s perfectly normal to feel some jealousy in a relationship. No one likes to imagine the thought of their partner with another woman. However, being too jealous and showing our jealous side can quickly ruin what we have. Especially if nothing is going on in the first place.


Too Clingy

Being clingy -- constantly texting and calling, needing to be with him every second of every day, getting mad when they don’t answer our texts or calls right away. Everyone needs some space, we all have lives. It’s important not to become too clingy (especially early in the relationship). No one likes to be smothered.


Moving Too Fast

You are one week into the relationship, and already talking about making babies and getting married. This is a set up for disaster. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of couples that have fallen in love and moved fast -- it’s just not the best idea. There is a chance those feelings can fade, puppy love and lust can wear off, leaving you feeling down and depressed. Give your relationship time to grow.



Relationships need to be based on trust and honesty. Even the littlest lie can cause a relationship to turn rocky. Once trust is broken, it’s not easily fixed. If you plan on taking a relationship seriously, plan on staying honest.


Talking to Multiple People

This one may seem obvious, but it happens more times than you think. Having a Plan B is always good, except when you’re trying to build a foundation for a relationship. If you want a committed relationship, be prepared to be committed to one person.

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Don’t try to control your partner, and they should not be controlling you either. We need our independence. We are adult enough to make our own decisions, and there is no need for a controlling partner.


No Communication

I know, it’s contradicting a little. We don’t want to be too clingy and constantly be trying to talk to him, but we also don’t want to have no communication at all. We need to have a good balance. Communication is important for every relationship; it builds trust, it builds the foundation of the relationship.

There are many things that can ruin a relationship before it begins, or while it’s in the early stages. If you really want that relationship to work, take these things into consideration and have a happy, healthy relationship.

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