13 Weird Things Couples do ...


13 Weird Things Couples do ...
13 Weird Things Couples do ...

There are some really weird things couples do. Every couple has its own inside jokes, idiosyncratic activities and maybe nicknames for each other that would be a really gibberish to anyone else, I believe its love if you do any of these weird things couples do.

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Do Nothing

Sit there and do nothing at all and you really enjoy it as long as you are together. Studies say that when silence between two people is comfortable you know you have found love.


Sniff Test

Smelling each other’s armpits to check if they need a shower.


Burp and Fart Contests

You really enjoy burping and farting around each other, and sometimes you make it a competition.


You Have Two Different Conversations at Once on Different Messaging Platforms


Smelly Clothes

Wearing their old t-shirts, sweatshirts because it smells like them and that makes you happy.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

Fall Back Restaurant

Have a fail-safe restaurant to fall back on when the "where we gonna go now?" argument comes up. where the people who work there recognize you and your order.


Check Each Other's Teeth

Checking their teeth for food, their ears for wax, each other’s noses for boogers.


Using Their Bodies as a Pillow

Could anything be more comfortable?


Sharing Gum

Eating the chewing gum they just put in their mouth because it’s the last piece and they feel bad for taking it and want you to have it.


Ugly Faces

Pulling your ugliest faces to impress each other(especially in FaceTime).


Enemies for Life

Make an enemy of anyone who was a bit bitchy about your boyfriend, even if they've let it go.


Being Bloated Together

Blowing out your belly to show each other how bloated you are.


Being Together

Spending hours and hours on the sofa together in smelly old clothes, watching Netflix and eating junk food, and realizing how much both of you love each other.

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