7 Relationship Survival Tips during a Deployment ...


Dating a military guy has its perks; honestly, what woman doesn’t go weak in the knees when she spots a man in uniform? Our armed forces have a duty to serve our country and they are prepared to deploy at a moment’s notice, which can be difficult when you’re dating someone in the military. Case in point: My boyfriend and I were dating for 9 months before he was deployed for a stint in the Middle East with the Army National Guard. He’ll be gone for the same amount of time that we’ve been dating! Although, these months away from one another will test the strength of our relationship, I’m prepared to make the most of my time until his return and keep our relationship on track. It definitely won’t be easy but we’re managing as best we can. Here are some tips for how your relationship can survive a deployment.

1. Discuss the Situation with One Another before the Deployment

Before your significant other deploys, talk about the situation with one another. Discuss where your relationship stands and what expectations you have of one another (i.e. If you have just started dating, will you remain in a committed relationship, or will you date others while he is away, maybe picking up where you left off when he returns?) This will set-up guidelines and give you a sense of security knowing your relationship status. Also, spend as much time together as possible now, of course, taking lots of pictures to reminisce later!

Plan Your Methods of Communication


Great article. My husband just retired from the army so I know this all too well!
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