7 Romantic Ideas You Can Suggest to the Man in Your Life ...


Romance doesnโ€™t have to be smushy. It doesnโ€™t have to be roses and candlelight suppers. Romance can be fun and flirty too. It can also be a bit quirky and a bit wacky. If you want to up the fun factor and still be romantic, here are some things to try.

1. Star Gazing

On a perfect night when it is not too cold, when it is a clear night and when the bugs are not going crazy, a night of stargazing can be amazing and perfect. Maybe the trick to it is timing, but when the conditions are perfect, then a few hours of stargazing with the one you love can be fantastic and romantic at the same time.

Strawberries and Champagne by the Pond at Midday


So long as it's not cloudy & you don't have a lot of light pollution: staring up at the stars can remind you both how great the world is and how awesome it is that you can appreciate the wonder of it together.
Shannon Bauer
I love that I need help me I can doing through my life
Im happily engaged and I love these, going to be using some and trying the angry one tonight :) definitely a cute thing to do especially if you're like me , trying to become more laid back than so ser...
The angry text does not seem like a good idea, kind of annoying
I meant " insulting"
Wow! I agree girls. No reason to make an attempt at humor by inspiring people you don't know! So disappointing
Thanks for posting this! Gonna have to try number 3. Do you have other posts similar to this?
@olivia I agree.
Don't be so judgmental to your readers..
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