7 Places to Walk around with Your Mate for a Romantic Date ...


A walk can be the perfect date. It’s a way to connect, talk and bond all while holding hands. It’s also free in most places in the world, which is another point in favor of it. Walking is simple, low-key and romantic. What’s better than walking hand in hand with your man as you share your heart?

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Through a Botanical Garden

Through a Botanical Garden Botanical gardens have to be one of the most romantic places to take a walk with your man. Flowers and trees are carefully laid to make the most of their natural beauty. You can’t help but admire the splendor our universe gives us. You may feel inspired to steal a kiss when you’re hidden by some lovely blooms. Why miss out on such a perfect opportunity?


Around a Neighborhood You’d like to Live in

Around a Neighborhood You’d like to Live in Isn’t it fun to fantasize about where you’d like to live? That can be great date material. Go for a walk in a neighborhood you’d like to live in. It could inspire some wonderful talks about the future you have together. Enjoy choosing a dream house you’d both like to live in.


Along the Beach

Along the Beach This is one of my favorite places to walk with my husband! I love to walk along the beach at dusk when the crowds are gone and there’s nothing to hear but the sound of the waves. You can enjoy the feel of sand between your toes and the wonder of one of Earth’s most majestic scenes. It’s very romantic when your man reaches for your hand in such a setting. Beautiful moments can happen on beach walks!


Around the Local Park

Around the Local Park You don’t want to leave local parks out of your list of places to go for a romantic date. Most parks have their own brand of serenity to enjoy. It can be an escape from the everyday stresses of life. There are often events going on in local parks to enjoy, too. It may even end up being one of your favorite date destinations.


Exploring a New City

Exploring a New City What’s better than exploring a new city with the one you love? Take in new sights and sounds with them by your side. You can marvel at the architecture and uniqueness of the city. You may discover an amazing out of the way restaurant or hidden lover’s lane. Those types of discoveries make beautiful memories in your relationship.


Circling a College Campus

Circling a College Campus Most college campuses have wonderful places you can walk. Many people use the local college where I live to walk for exercise and to meet up with friends while they up their daily steps. It can also make a great place for a walking date. You may even be in college and have this opportunity at your fingertips. If so, take advantage of it.


On a Local Farm

On a Local Farm If you live in a rural area then this may be an option for you and your sweetie. Many farms consist of beautiful land just begging to be explored. Of course, you don’t want to do that without first gaining permission from the owner. But if you’ve got their okay then explore away! This can give you many romantic walks as you take in little corners of the country life.

These are 7 places to walk around with your mate for a romantic date. Have you walked with your man at any of these locations? What’s your favorite place for a romantic walk?

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