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Cuddling allows you to feel physically and mentally close to your partner. It's a form of intimacy that isn't sexual, which is what makes it so special. It's a nonverbal reminder that you and your partner love and care for each other. The next time he visits your house, here's how you can make your cuddle sessions even sweeter:

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Wear Minimal Clothing

You don't have to strip off all of your clothes until you're completely naked. However, the less clothing you wear while cuddling, the better. That way, you'll have more skin on skin contact that will make the moment more intimate. Besides, now that it's summer, it's easy to get hot and you don't want to sweat all over your partner.


Opting for lightweight and breathable fabrics can enhance your cuddle experience, especially during warmer seasons. Think soft cotton tank tops or cozy shorts that allow easier movement and comfort. Keeping it simple also means you don’t have to worry about fumbling with buttons or zippers in a moment meant for relaxation and connection. Remember, comfort is key when setting the stage for a sweet cuddle session. Plus, the more relaxed you both feel, the longer you'll want to stay wrapped in each other's arms.


Make Sure You're Both Comfortable

Although cuddling is the comfiest way to lay, it can be unbearable if you contort yourselves into the wrong positions. Make sure that you're not resting directly on your partner's arm, or else they'll end up going numb. If you're the one who's uncomfortable, don't be afraid to ask your partner to move. There's more than one way to cuddle, so you can experiment until you find a position that's comfortable for you both.


Consider incorporating pillows or cushions for added comfort. A pillow tucked between the knees can alleviate pressure on the hips, while a cushion behind the back can provide extra support. Additionally, communicate openly about personal preferences—perhaps you enjoy having your hair stroked or a hand gently running along your arm. Keep in mind that comfortable body temperature matters too, so adjust the room thermostat or layer the blankets accordingly. Remember, the key to a perfect cuddle is ensuring mutual comfort and joy.


Swap Being the Big and Little Spoon

Your boyfriend doesn't have to be the big spoon, just because he's the man. It's just as comfy to switch things around and have you be the big spoon while your man is the little spoon. He'll love the change of pace as much as you do.


Cuddling in this reversed role, affectionately dubbed the 'jetpack', can be incredibly nurturing and comforting for both of you. It breaks down stereotypical gender roles and allows for a balanced exchange of tenderness. Feel the warmth as you wrap your arms around him, and let the coziness wash over the two of you. Listen to his heartbeat, sync your breaths, and enjoy the protective feeling you can provide. This act of intimacy is a charming way to show love and care, creating a special bond that's both empowering and sweet.


Talk about Your Love

You don't have to fall asleep cuddling. You can chat away while you're holding onto each other. Of course, since you're so close, you should wait until later to gossip about your friends and your favorite television shows. Instead, it's the perfect time to bring up all the things you love about your partner. If you can seductively whisper it into his ear, it's even better. Just turn your cuddling session into a compliment fest.


Utilize this intimate moment to express genuine appreciation for each other's quirks, shared memories, and the smaller things that often go unsaid. Whisper how his laughter fills you with joy, or how you cherish the way he supports your dreams. Tell him how his eyes light up your world, or the comfort you feel in his embrace. Remember, it's not just about the words—it's about sharing the warmth and sincerity behind them. Let your love resonate with each soft-spoken word, turning the cuddle into a beautiful exchange of admiration and affection.


Kiss Him Where You Can

If you're facing your partner, you can kiss him on the forehead or smack dab on the lips. If you're facing the opposite direction, you can grab his hand to kiss the back of it. Either way, it'll be a sweet gesture that'll remind him you love being around him.


It's the little things that often mean the most. While curled up together, don't forget the gentle pecks on the cheek or a soft kiss on the nose to convey affection. It's about sharing those serene, unplanned moments that create your unique language of love. A kiss on the collarbone or a nuzzle into his neck can send a wave of warmth through his body. Reflect your adoration through these tender, tactile whispers; they'll speak volumes about your feelings without saying a word.


Set the Mood with Music

You don't have to save all of your favorite songs for your make out sessions. You can listen to them while you two are cuddling in bed together in order to make the scene feel like a romance movie. The right relaxing songs could even help you two fall asleep in each other's arms.


Whether you create a playlist with dreamy ballads, soft jazz, or ambient sounds is up to you. Find tunes that resonate with both your vibes—it doesn't have to be stereotypical 'love songs.' Sometimes, even a soundtrack of nature sounds or a favorite laid-back indie artist can set a perfect, soothing backdrop. The music should be just loud enough to envelop you but soft enough to let the whisper of sweet nothings be heard. Remember, it's all about enhancing the connection and comfort between you, letting the rhythms sync with your heartbeats. 🎶


Make It Lead Elsewhere

Most couples fall asleep after they make love. However, there's nothing stopping you from cuddling and then transitioning to making love (as long as you're old enough and responsible enough to be sexually active). Don't be afraid of cutting your cuddling session short, because you can go right back to holding each other once the fun is over.

Cuddling is a great way to bond with your partner, because it allows you to kiss and talk and feel close all at the same time. What's your favorite thing about cuddling with your partner?

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Cuddling is Romantic. Just to be that close on a man again after being alone for over 2 years. I just want someone to hold my hand.

This reminds me of when he and I cuddled watching supernatural(he's obsessed, I never watched.) and he has a "no pants" rule when we cuddle, eventually I end up with his shirt on☺️

My boyfriend loves being the little spoon sometimes :3 also, hair playing is another lovely way to show your significant other that you care.

In need of a cuddle partner. I just recently fell in love with cuddling.😅

My boyfriend never heard of the guy being the little spoon until I cuddled up to him. He loves it now.

Im so related about this, this kind of relationship is healthy!

Sweet for your BAE!

I miss my teddy bear, he's out of state 😞

I love cuddling! The most intimate position without sex! Makes me wanna find a boyfriend now lol

I don't know about the kissing the forehead thing. To each their own but I wouldn't want to treat my cuddle partner as a kid.

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