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11 Romantic German Phrases to Flirt with ...

By Holly

If your partner speaks German, you can learn lovey dovey phrases in order to make him swoon. If he doesn't know anything about the language, then you can show off how cultured you are by uttering the phrases and then translating them for him. Here are some of the most romantic ones that you should practice saying:

1 Ich Liebe Dich

This means, "I love you." It's only three words, just like it is in English, so there's not too much for you to remember. It's short and sweet and to the point.

2 Du Hast Wunderschöne Augen

This means, "You have beautiful eyes." If you want to compliment your partner on something cliche, it's best to do it in another language. That way, it won't sound the same as it did all the other times when you gave him the same compliment.


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3 Du Bist Mein Ein Und Alles

This means, "You are my everything." If you want to reassure your partner that you only have eyes for him, then utter these words. It doesn't get much more romantic than that.

4 Ich Möchte Den Rest Meines Lebens Mit Dir Verbringen

This means, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." It's a pretty serious statement, so make sure you mean it before you say it. Lying in another language is just as bad as lying in your native one.

5 Meine Liebe Wächst Von Tag Zu Tag

This means, "I love you more and more every day." This is a cute quote to use in an anniversary card. It'll remind him that you haven't grown bored of him. In fact, the more that time goes by, the more you love him.

6 Du Bist Der Mann Meiner Träume

This means, "You’re the man of my dreams." Use this phrase when your man gets jealous of your love of Chris Pratt. Even though the celebrity is a hottie, your man is the only man for you.

7 Ich Liebe Dein Lacheln

This means, "I love your smile." Whether you're in a long-term relationship or are just crushing on a special someone, you can use this line. It's sweet, but not too extreme.

8 Ich Habe Den Ganzen Tag an Dich Gedacht!

This means, "I have been thinking about you all day." It's a nice thing to text your partner when you haven't seen them in a while. It'll let them know that they're forever on your mind.

9 Ich Lasse Dich Nie Allein

This means, "I will never leave you." Use it after you have a fight and want to reassure your man you won't be going anywhere. He's stuck with you, whether he likes it or not.

10 Ich Will Dich Küssen

This means, "I want to kiss you." If you're too shy to make the first move in your native tongue, it might help to say the words in another language. Try it to find out!

11 Ich Bin so Froh, Dass Es Dich Gibt

This means, "I'm so glad that you exist." It works well on a birthday, but you can use it on any other day of the year. I mean, is there really a better compliment out there?

Being bilingual is sexy, so make it your mission to learn as many other languages as you can. What other German phrases do you know?

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