Super-Sweet and Short Love Quotes for All the Romantics ...

By Jennifer

Super-Sweet  and Short Love  Quotes  for All the Romantics  ...

It's completely possible to say a lot while only saying a little, and these short but super-sweet love quotes are the perfect example. Prepare to swoon, and be in a state of total "aww."

1 Coco Chanel

2 Winnie the Pooh

3 It's True

4 Turn Back the Clock

5 The Smile You Gave Me

6 Always

7 Christopher Robin

8 Ha!

9 My Favorite Sound

10 Dr. Seuss

11 It Might Take a Year...

12 Lana Del Ray

13 Where You Live

14 It Snuck up on Me

15 Have I Mentioned Today...?

16 Acrobatics

17 ... There Once Was a Moon...

18 Sweetness

19 The Hero of My Heart

20 Smile!

21 Oscar Wilde

22 I Love Ed!

23 My New Favorite Day

24 Claire LaZebnik

25 YOUR Broken Pieces

26 I do Too!

27 Wanna Come along?

28 It's Everything

29 Love with No Regrets

30 Don't Give up

31 Through My Eyes

32 My Favorite Place

33 That's the One!

34 I'll Give It Back!

35 Emily Bronte

36 When I Follow My Heart...

37 F. Scott Fitzgerald

38 You're Never Too Old

39 Material for Nicholas Sparks

40 That's the Way It Happens Sometimes

41 Always

42 Hee Hee!

43 Eleanor & Park

44 There's a Reason Why Two People Stay Together...

45 A Lottle

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